• Print Codes - Adding a report to BP Supplier Invoice Print List

    I'm having trouble adding a new report I've created to the AP/AR Accounting>BP Supplier Invoice record print list. 

    I've looked all over the Setup>Destination>Print Codes list and cannot find a place I can add this report in order for it to…

  • Looking for description data for Payment Terms, Carrier, Delivery Mode

    Hello community, 

    I am trying to add some description data to a customer facing crystal report and noticed I am only pulling the ID/ Code of the certain fields but need to show the full description of what that id/code is. Trying to add the descriptions…

  • difference between monthly PL report vs Swisspost account

    Hi to all 

    this is my my first Time in this Forum 

    Problem: when i run monthly PL report 05/21 i see a difference between the for swisspost account vs against Asset swisspost account , the difference is huge. 

    after checking the account manually i could…

  • add CPTANALIN table to requester

    requester links aren't my strong suit- I can handle in crystal report but want to do a requester to pull the cost dimension from the pinvoiced line.

    can't seem to get the link to work.  can anyone help?  



  • Last transaction dates/Inventory

    Hi all - I'm using Microsoft Query to extract info from the system and it appears whats happening is if the item has a few bin location the data is being returned in that manner meaning I could have the same item listed a few times

    Looking for a means…