• New fields not holding Import Data

    I have created a some new fields to ITMMASTER in order to hold plastic tax required data (1)

    I have added them to the screen XITM (2a, b)

    I have created an import template ZITMPLAS (3a, b)

    When I test ZITMPLAS it pulls through the data from the template…

  • change the import of a file to another endpoint folder


    I created an import template, which works great in one endpoint. However, when this import went well, I want to move the file to another folder (another endpoint).


    Hello guys, 

    I hope you are well. 

    I made some researches but surprisingly, i didn't find any answer.

    In the table PORDERQ, do you know, how the field  RETRCPDAT is populated and what its purpose ? 

    Many thanks for your help, 

  • Error when import

    Hello, When I import with a standar model, the import run correctly, but always show this error in the trace:

    09-23-19 16:43:33 ERROR : X3 engine error: ASYRSRVBATCHTRP : Variable inexistente ()

    Stacktrace: X3 engine error: ASYRSRVBATCHTRP : Variable…

  • Include Statistical Groups in Export Template

    I'm attempting to generate a Product export template and am able to include quite a bit of information, but can't figure out how to get any statistical groups to export except the first one.  I'm assuming I need to join the Miscellaneous Table…

  • STKMAJ$adx|\|Error 20 Line Number 504|\|WITMREF : File Non-existent

    Hello. I'm on Sage 6.5.

    This is only happening in my development environment. I can't create misc. receipts for some of my products. Any thoughts? I didn't do the developer school so I don't have the code. I thought maybe it was quality control so…

  • Statistical Parameters

    Is there a guide on how to use or setup a statistical parameter that can be used in the landing page?  I'm learning how to use landing pages and see that using a requester does not have the option to filter on the data inthe landing page but appears…


    Hello All, 

    Please can anyone help me, i need the name of the sql table that holds the pictures of employees uploaded on sage x3 people U9,  and possibly if i can get the X3 People Data Model

    Thanks In Advance