• Query Tool to export data from different tables in excel format


    I am using query tool to look at the data in ITMMASTER, ITMSALES,ITMBPS and ITMBPC tables using EXCEL sheet. Below is the screen shot of the fields that I want to use to get the data.

    But I keep receiving this error when I try to validate.


  • Query tool - How to get data from custom fields

    Hello everyone,

    I am running a Query to get some info about a item.

    Table ITMMASTER; Field ITMREF; Others Fields by default.

    The info that i need is related with a Custom Field, where i need the value of the field and their descripton. 

    Table ITMMASTE…

  • Required stock in-transit reconciliation report.

    Amount is being posted into In-transit account through inter-site transfer and container management, but not able to reconcile. Hence need a report to reconcile the transactions with Goods In-transit A/c.  

  • Training Resources for SD&A

    Can anyone point me in the direction of training resources for Sage Data & Analytics? I can't seem to find any resources and cannot get basic reports built.



  • Filtering Customers by Company ID in Sage X3

    Hello Team,

    Could you help me with the following question.
    Is it possible to filter Customers by Company ID in Sage X3?

    If yes, could you describe how to do it?


  • Companies and Sites in Sage X3

    Hello Team,

    Could you please help me with the following questions?

    My Customer wants to filter invoices by Company and Site codes in Sage X3.
    But, I cannot find how to filter Customers by Company and Site codes.

    For example.
    I created two invoices.
    Both invoices…

  • 4GL embedded Sql query presenting error on script run.

    Let me start by saying: Everything is DONE, except the sql query fails. This is the last piece holding up deployment.

    I am trying to embed a sql query in a 4gl script to pull specific data into a variable set, then email the results on a nightly scheduled…

  • Row Level Permissions on Query Reports

    Hello All,

    I am trying to setup row level permissions on Query reports so that users can see data only specific to their site. I was able to setup the row level permission on all the transaction screens, but I am not sure how to setup similar permissions…

  • Formula within Query to capture previous 7 days


    Do you know how could I amalgamate previous week from within a formula?

    Trying to show what was shipped during that time frame, showing both a graph and line items.

    At the moment this works from this date and future ones, [F:SOQ]EXTDLVDAT >= date…

  • format datetime$ to a string


    I'd like to convert datatime in a field to a string. Using datetime$ gives me '2018-06-20T07:47:32Z'.

    How can I get rid of all the signs between the digits?