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The above pic is  carry forward selection check or unchecked option from SageU.

 My setting dpt dimension type is cost center that holds all expenses value.

The question is, if carry forward not checked, what happen to the value the dimension in year -end process. What I know, all expenses (as nominal) value usually become zero in year-end process. so shall I select no carry forward?

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    Per online Help:

    When the fiscal year end process is run, if the Carry forward field is selected on a dimension code, the balance for the dimension code is carried forward for the accounts for entries from this dimension as long as these accounts are also linked to an account class where Carry forward is selected. All the entries from a dimension can be carried forward from one fiscal year to the next.

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    Thank you! Rafael, carry forward of  the account in the account class not selected as it's expense account but the dimension type of not carry forward is not  selected, what will be the story in this scenario?.

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    If the class is setup for carry forward but the Dimension Type is not, the year end purging to zero does not occur. However, if you have the flag checked on the Dimension value itself this trumps the Dimension Type ‘Carry Froward’ setting and should = Yes if the Dimension is used on Balance Sheet Accounts

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