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Security and Alert : VT Web Server 2.41.1 (Log4j vulnerability) - KBA # 118300

HOTFIX - Download Sage X3 VT Web Server Security Vulnerability

We have released a hotfix component download for the Sage X3 VT Web Server (2.41.1) that fixes a security vulnerability present in the Log4j library that was used in VT Web Server 2.41.0. If you have installed VT Web Server 2.41.0 (delivered with Sage X3 2022 R4, Sage X3 Warehousing 2022 R4 and HR U9.0.28 releases), please download and install this update. Older versions of the VT Web Server are not impacted by that vulnerability, the only version impacted is 2.41.0.

NOTE: Even though this fix is labeled as a HOTFIX, it is, in fact a patched full version of the VT Web Server Component. You must update the existing version with this one (over the top update).

To access this security download, log into HTTPS:// and in the search field type 118300 to search.