How to perform an automatic assignment using the assignments function?

In this blog I would like to discuss the automatic assignments function located under Stock, Assignments, Assignments.

This function is used to carry out an automatic and mass assignments.

You can run this function in simulation first to check the results and then run it in update mode to allocate the assignment lines.

There are two places where we can set the assignment rules.

  1. On the Products-site record under the Planning tab.
  2. On the General parameter DEFPTO (Assignment rule MTO).
    • Out of the box value for this parameter is "STD".
    • You can use a different assignment rule or modify the "STD" rule if you are going to manage assignments globally.

In this example, the assignment rule is on the product-site record.

Assignment rule:

General parameter DEFPTO (STO/SCH) - no change

Assignment rule STD - blank setup

Next, under Assignments workbench (FUNMLINK) check to make sure there are no quantities assigned.

  • Double click in column 1 to select the demand (SOF) and it automatically selects the WOF.
  • A chain icon in the second column is assigned to the WOF.
  • It indicates that the resources have not been assigned against the demand.

Now run the Assignments (FUNMAUTMTO) function to move the WOF to the assignments grid.

Once the assignment is successful a log file will be generated indicating the document numbers, product code and the allocated quantity.

If you go back and check the assignments workbench you will notice (highlighted below), “Left to be assigned” value is 0.

WOF line is listed under the assignments grid.

Additionally, if you receive the following message, “No pegging processed” when processing the Assignments or Deassignments (FUNMDESMTO) function,

  1. It could be a setup issue where the products-site record does not have an assignment rule code.
  2. Or the general parameter DEFPTO is blank, or it has the default value “STD”.
  3. Finally, there is nothing to assign. In this case check the assignment workbench or the enterprise planning workbench.

Enterprise planning workbench:

I hope this information is useful when trying to understand how to process the automatic assignments function.

  • Hello Matias,

    Currently, only firm WOs can be assigned. I believe the reason being, planned work orders cannot be allocated and tracked.

    Once you release the planned work order on the assignment workbench, it can be assigned.


  • Hello Joel, how are you?

    Do you know if its possible to assign planned work orders?

    We are using the webscheduler, and the only way to link diferent workorders of the same process is that they are assinged.

    For the firm orders works perfectly; but for the planned long term orders, as the assingment is not made, the links are not made.
    So we miss the alert when we program an order before the corresponding material is manufactured.

    Is there a way to link them? Or do you know why it is not possible?

    Thanks in advance