• Announcing Sage Timeslips Premium November 2022 Service Release

    We're pleased to announce the Sage Timeslips Premium November 2022 release, a benefit of your Sage Timeslips Premium subscription.

    Sage Timeslips makes the hours you spend on timekeeping and billing faster, easier, and more accurate. Our service…

  • Timeslips NOT COMPATIBLE with Office 365

    This is a known issue and needs to be fixed.  Office 2013 is no longer supported by Microsoft thus REQUIRING users to upgrade to Office 365.  We upgraded only to realize that Timeslips needs a 32 bit Outlook in order to function.  So we uninstalled/reinstalled…


    My program has me currently locked out, and this error message keeps popping up.

    Does anyone know how to override the error message, or what I can do to take the lock off the program.

    Error message reads as follows:

    Area:  Database

    Code:  4

    Address:  Exception…

  • Renewal Costs and Options

    What are the options and costs to renew licensing? We're up for renewal and we don't need as many nor do we need three support incidents. The sales agent is doing everything possible to avoid answering questions. 

    We have 8 licenses and the renewal…

  • How do I enter the client's retainer and then generate an invoice/bill that shows the work that was done and how much of the client's retainer is remaining?

    So my attorney charges her clients a retainer fee based on the type of case she is handling (so each client can have a completely difference retainer amount), and on top of that, she is billing AGAINST the retainer. We were generating bills in Word format…

  • Timeslips 2020 kicking users out after data migration


    We recently migrated our timeslips 2020 data to a new hard drive. However, after doing so users report that they are getting errors and having to constantly restart the program for it to work.

    What would be causing this?



  • Applying payments to future LEDES invoices


    I have a couple clients who have overpaid, and I want to apply the overpayment to future invoices. Is it possible to do this with LEDES invoices? It's simple enough with paper/PDF bills, but I can't find any option to, I guess, partially deduct the…

  • Creating a 2nd Database

    Users are connecting to the database they've always used without any errors. Several users are from different firms and have asked if they can have a new database that they access for their separate clients.  

    Is it possible to create a second database…

  • TS2015 Pre-Bill Worksheet

    When I run a pre-bill worksheet, I see that the time comes out in military time and used to come out in regular time.  How can i change that back?

  • Slip Error...

    I have a slip that has randomly shown up on a client matter. Picture below. I did not enter this slip and when I highlight it the date, etc are not the same as in the slip list. Also the program will not let me delete the slip. Any ideas? I have tried…

  • Does anyone have the Sage TimeSlips 2019 .exe installation download file?

    Does anyone have the Sage TimeSlips 2019 .exe installation download file?

    I had Sage Timeslips 2019 installed on my old computer, but for some reason did not have the installation file (.exe). Now I need to reinstall on the same PC, but my PC has been…

  • Hold icon for client list

    Hello, Years ago I added the Hold icon for the client list.- so I can put a case on hold by selecting the case on the client list then clicking the icon. I don't remember if it was located on the task bar or on the client list nevertheless, I can't…

  • TimeSlips 2010 license discrepancy

    We have a client using TimeSlips 2010.  It reports 6 user licenses, but they are entitled to 16.  If we were able to obtain the original installation key, how would we go about updating the license count to 16?  Would it require re-installing TimeSlips?



  • Timeslips 2020

    We currently print employee titles on invoices. Is there a way to print the employee field full name instead of the titles on invoices?

  • Importing time from excel spreadsheet

    I would like to import time from an excel spreadsheet.  I tried what I thought the format would be, but it didn't work-- I am using Timeslips 2017.  Does anyone have a template for importing from excel?  Thanks so much!

  • Looking to help a client with an upgrade

    Hey there! Been looking around a bit and hoping for some insight or guidance to make this transfer a success

    I am looking to help a client with a very old mac computer; a G4 running TSTimer and TSTimer Reports. My own digging shows that Timeslips replaced…

  • TSService (32 bit)


    TSService (32 bit) is constantly eating up the cpu even when timeslips is not open or in use. It's a fresh install on a new server since I was having the same issue on an old server so tried everything from scratch with a clean install.

    This is…

  • Timeslips APIs for matters and Timecards transfer

    I would like to do two types of transfers using APIs and I am wondering if these APIs are currently available.

    The first transfer is taking matter details from Timeslips using API

    Second transfer is taking time entries details from Timeslips to a different…

  • Unable to stop TS change classifications in Timekeeper TS 2019

    Manually changed a timekeepers open to closed today - no issue; went to inactive and clicked the auto change from inactive to closed. 3 timekeepers in the section - so should be quick - BUT No, I have been locked in a changing classification loop for…

  • 'missing' payments on the invoices

    Hi - for some unidentified reason, an amount paid, for some reason didn't automatically show up on the bill. I was able to add it in the revision process, but it still defaults to 'ignoring' the payment otherwise. Any ideas? It was all applied in the…

  • Timeslips 2014 version

    I am trying to locate version 2014 of timeslips. I downloaded it in 2014 but I cannot load the software to my new laptop.

  • Data conversion from 2014 to 2021 fails on FEATURES table when converting to Firebird.

    Subject pretty much says it all.

    2014 data verification completes with no errors.

    2021 data conversion succeeds in converting to 2015 bde.

    2021 data conversion hangs permanently when converting bde to firebird at the FEATURES table.

    I've tried completing…

  • When printing labels from the last bill run how can I eliminate the emailed bills?

    When printing labels from the last bill run how can I eliminate the emailed bills?  They obviously do not need a label!  It seems like the system should skip them - but at least you should be able to edit them.

  • How do I eliminate the "Transfer to funds" and "Transfer from funds" that appeared on the statement?

    How do I eliminate the "Transfer to funds" and "Transfer from funds" that appeared on the statement?  This also I believe creates "Client funds transactions" details at the bottom of the statement that should not be there and I need…