• Misalignment of Funds recap on bills

    Using Timeslips 2019. A couple of months ago the Funds report at the end of each bill went out of alignment. Any payments from account or withdrawals have the number shifted to the right. I have not altered the layout so I don't know what caused it.…

  • I'd like to run a report that totals payments received on a group of invoices and breaks down the total into individual amounts for timekeepers and expenses

    We make deposits into our bank that consist of multiple checks paying multiple invoices. We keep track of amounts received from clients for work done by all the different timekeepers and reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the client. For…

  • Report of Unapplied amounts only on Inactive clients only


    Does anyone know if it is possible to generate a report of unapplied amounts only on Inactive clients only?

  • Prebills client list only shows old clients.

    After last month's statements were run, the list of current clients in the billing section was lost. It seems that somehow it's reverted to an old list. How do I get it to show only current clients? All the Accounts receivable, time and expense, and funds…

  • Daily Slip Totals

    I'm trying to produce a Daily Slip Totals Report and can't figure out the design. From the looks of the report it should be on a landscape orientation but that doesn't work. The daily values just run off the page.

    The report looks nothing like…

  • Timeslips 2020 - Hyperlink

    I do billing for a few lawyers and I am having a terrible time trying to get a Law Pay hyperlink into the invoices for this months billing. Anyone have the key to this puzzle?



    [email protected] or

    [email protected]

  • Creating a second firm

    Using TS14 - 

    How do I set up a second firm name to show on bills, reports, etc. I need to have both companies active, I can use the same db but each bill will have a different firm name and I cannot see how to create a second name w/o deleting the first…

  • Funds Account Listing report for Sage Timeslips 2013

    I am using Sage Timeslips 2013. It appears some formatting was changed and when running Funds Account Listing report the numbers now all show as default instead of listing the numbers. This has never happened before. Does anyone have any ideas on how…

  • Is it possible to show two separate totals at the end of the bill for two separate entities?

    My boss wants to run one total on a bill but then somehow show it split in 2 parts to two different entities.  Is that possible?

  • Reports - list multiple timekeepers, on what cases and the amount billed for each timekeeper on that case


    I'm looking for a way to list accounts/cases that have more than one timekeeper and the amount that was billed for each timekeeper.  

    Why? The firm I work at has partners but they are separate entities so if one consults with the other on a…

  • How do I see all transactions in timeslips?

    I have clients that place multiple cases with me.  I sent up each case as a new client under names using templates.  I front the filing fees and service costs on some clients cases, and others pay me the filing and service costs in advance.  I'll put in…

  • History Bill Error for One Client

    Sage Timeslips 2020 Premium. Trying to run a history bill for one client. Last time for this same client the client's payments did not appear in the history billing display. That issue went unresolved. This time trying to run a history bill for the same…

  • How to See Invoices with a Zero Balance (No charges) listed in Show Receivables List

    I am pretty sure I used to see all invoices generated under the Show Receivables List in Timeslips that showed every invoice generated even if there were no charges on an invoice.  The Show Receivables List also reflects payments made.  

    Now I can't see…

  • When displaying a History Bill apparently no way to get back to main Timeslips (2020 Premium) page

    I displayed a history bill (which for some odd reasons did NOT provide a list of payments made by this client, who has been making regular payments for YEARS). Unfortunately on the screen Timeslips 2020 Premium shows for displaying a history bill, there…

  • CSV TS importing or other Service - Ask along

    Hi All,

    I have been using TimeSlips CSV importing for years now.  I have have some knowledge of various functions in TS if you need help or need a person to do importing/export time and expense entries via TS import (CSV file) just le me know.  



  • A/R check receipts not showing on bill for new client

    TS 2010 on a pickled Win7 machine. A dinosaur, like me, hoping to make it to retirement on 2010.

    New Client; no prior bills.

    A client payment by check shows properly in the Transactions list.

    In Print Bills, the payment does not show when I print to the…

  • Closed Client Report by Date

    Hello. I closed multiple clients but am looking to print a report of those clients I closed. Is there a report I can print of the closed clients on that particular date? Or a way to find the most recent closed clients? 

  • Double allocation on collection report

    For one client, I do all Absolute Flat Fees. Quarterly, we run a collection report to see the allocation of those flat fees by attorney. In advance of this, I always ‘finalize’ the flat fee -  and my report comes out accurate. 

    This month, when…

  • Retroactive split billing

    We have clients who were ordered to share fees 50/50. After several months, the court has now ordered that fees are to be retroactively split 80/20. I went back into the split billing rules and changed the percentage, but that seemed to only change the…

  • How to undo consolidated billing in TS 2011?

    The menu options shown in other forum posts and answers don't appear in TS 2011 (yes, we are going to upgrade to TS 2020). Thank you - newbie, desperate for help here.YES I have already searched the forums for answers.

  • How To Display Client Deposits to Trust Funds Accounts

    I cannot get the Funds Feature (Fees, Costs) to Display on Bill. Any thoughts?


  • Audit Trail in Timeslips Premium

    Where in Timeslips Premium do I turn on the audit trail and run the report? Can't find it.


  • Split Billing Invoices

    I want to print the balance owed by each client, for split billing, on each clients invoice.

  • DNB

    We just updated our timeslips program and I noticed that on the prebills it shows DNB amounts.  Not sure what this is and why it shows?  The slips that were put in  show no DNB entries.  Can you explain.


  • Timekeeper Report

    We are currently using Time Slips 2020 and I need a report per timekeeper that shows:

    the timekeeper (per timekeeper)

    Maybe like a YTD for the timeframe

    time billed (ALL, not just billed or WIP)

    hours billed (again for ALL, not just billed or WIP)