• Missing time slips for an entire year

    Hi , 

    For some reason I have lost all the time-slips from May 2019 to February 2020. Somebody knows some way to recover this information?

    Thanks so much in advance, 

  • Consolidated Bills with ALL invoice numbers appearing on bills??

    I am working with TS 2016. I have a two-part question. 

    1) When I do a master/sub-client consolidated bill, the sub-client invoice number prints, and reprints, as the master client's invoice number, even though it shows it's own invoice number. For example…

  • Sage Timeslips 2016

    I would like to produce a report which contains each timekeeper’s total time for each tasks for a client by Sage Time Slips 2016.  Please let me know how I can do so. Thank you.

  • I need a report to show me any AR that was billed but not paid

    I need a report to show me any AR that was billed prior to 7-1-2017,  but NOT paid as of 12/31/2018.  Is there a report in TS that will give me this info?  Or a combo of a couple reports that I can then put the info together in Excel?  I use TS Premium


  • Undoable Bills Disappearing

    Hi All,

    I have one large corporate client that I bill constantly--- throughout the month almost daily - a few hundred a month. I've noticed that periodically, for no reason - ALL of my invoices for this client will disappear from the undoable screen…

  • Is it possible to have multiple slip entry windows open at once?

    One of the partners asked if there is a way to open multiple slip entry windows at once so he can switch back and forth between clients/matters while he is working?  I can't find anything other than using the Time and Expense Slip Listing screen with his…

  • Adding the totals for each timekeeper to the format of invoices.

    We had this on our previous Timeslips program.  It was at the bottom of each invoice.  Then when we updated our Timeslips program, we have not been able to figure out how to add this feature.  Can someone give me instructions on how to add this?  Thank you…

  • Consolidated Bills

    On the invoice view once consolidated to be on one invoice, the project names aren't showing up on the actual invoices when I consolidate them. I only see the master client on every page and there isn't a way to differentiate the different clients/projects…

  • Timeslips 2017

    Our firm purchased the 2017 timeslips from Sage (now retired) and wanted to upload the program to a work laptop. The version we purchased was a multistation upgrade, however now because Sage has retired the version, they will not allow us to download…

  • Download to a new computer on a current subscription

    The law firm I work for has a current Sage Timeslips subscription. We have three computers that already have Timeslips. We need to add a fourth computer. How can we make it happen?

  • Email bills does not work on new computer

    I have Timeslips 2018. Everything was working fine. I got a new computer and set it up on there and that was fine, until I went to send out bills. I send my bills by email, and the system worked as normal, except the emails aren't passing over to Outlook…

  • personal abbreviations

    I'd like to know how I can share my personal abbreviations with another user?

  • Missing or skipped invoices

    Is it possible to override the system and skip invoice numbers? I understand that there is a setting for using global invoice numbers but is there a way for someone to skip let's say invoice number 404 when they have invoice 402, 403, and 405? I'm unsure…

  • PC Law Conversion and Satellite Office

    I'm a professional bookkeeper who has been using a combo of Timeslips and QB to manage a boutique law firm (for the last 20 years).  One of the associates is leaving to start a partnership with another attorney and hired me to work for the new firm…

  • security for timekeepers

    So I need to allow some of my employees to enter and edit their time entries and ALSO view other's time but NOT edit that time. I understand setting up different security settings, but am unable to come up with the combination of security choices to allow…

  • Timeslips / Adjust Note

    (1)  I finalized an invoice for a client and noticed that "ADJUSTMENT NOTE" appeared on the top of the invoice.  I don't know why this appeared on the invoice.  Has this ever happened to anyone?  Please help me correct.

    (2)  Also, current payments…

  • HELP!

    I am using Timeslips 2014 and I have several clients who have multiple matters.  Does this software provide a way to enter multiple matters into each individual client's billing slips?  Where do I go to get instructions on setting it up, inputting slips…

  • Timeslips 2008 Directory/Paradox Issue

    I'm an admin for a law office and we use Timeslips 2008 for our billing.  Only yesterday, when I went to edit a slip, I received the following error:

    "Directory in use by earlier version of Paradox.(13314)

    Area: Database

    Code: 4

    Address: Exception…

  • multiple user access not working

    Recently we set up a new computer for a client and now that one perticular user can not access Sage Timeslips whenever anyone else is on. if either of the two other users in the office are on then she can not get on. But the other two users can get on…

  • Printing in chronological order

    Is it possible to print an individual client's invoice in chronological order?  I have been attempting to print a single client's invoice with all slips entered until now, however when I try to print them chronologically the invoice always defaults…

  • Best method to reduce an amount in Client Funds by client


    I am trying to reduce the client funds account by $1000 for a certain client so that the balance correctly shows to date.

    And I am hoping someone might be able to give me a quick how to.

    For example under client info-client funds tab  John Smith…

  • Approving Bills

    I am new to Timeslips.  I ran our bills for the month of May but did not "approve" them. When I figured out how to approve them it is now showing the last billing as of today.  I am afraid when I run our June bills they will start from today and…

  • Flat fee charge

    I'm trying to enter a flat fee amount for a client but must be doing something wrong because the flat fee amount adds on each month instead of being a one-time charge.  Can someone please help me?  

  • Showing Fees and Costs only on a pre-bill.


    How could I print out pre-bills that only show costs and fees using Sage Timeslips 2011?

    Thank you

  • How to print pre-bill worksheets that only show Costs and Fees?



    How could I print out pre-bills that only show costs and fees using Sage Timeslips 2011?


    Thank you