Timeslips Premium - Day View - Add a Timer and Remove the Default Time

Dear TS,

In the "Day View", Timekeepers should be able to drag tasks after setting "Client" and "Reference" to the "Calendar" in "Day View".

Then, instead of a default time of 30 minutes, be able to turn on the "Timer" from "0:00", turn off the "Timer" at the end of the "Task" and complete the "Description."

Most people think in terms of tasks first then Clients and matters e.g., I have to write an e-mail to Jones in the Smith matter.

This would alleviate the "Timesheet" templates which become numerous and cumbersome over time for any given matter.

Benefit: The "Timekeeper" does not have to search for the "Matter," "Task" and "Reference" for the particular "Task" among a number of "Templates."

Benefit:  Has the same benefit as the "Timesheet" in that it collects hours in a day and hours in a week, without searching for the appropriate Timesheet Template.

Benefit: Post Timeslips for event already scheduled in the Calendar and then turn on the timer when it occurs.

Thank you.