Under Review

Status bar during backup

It would be nice to get the status bar back when backing up.

  • Hi Terry! in BDE making a backup was a little different in Database and the technology used to create those backups. BKUs were essentially the DB files zipped up literally and renamed to BKU nothing more.

    In Firebird, we dont actually do any direct handling of the *FDB file, instead we call a utility called GBAK.EXE with certain parameters and GBAK not only compresses the FDB file with its own technology but also runs its own integrity checks for database validation. unfortunately at this time GBAK does not broadcast its status until its done and this is the reason we do not provide a more accurate status bar of the backup progress.

    We are always researching new ways to  handle existing technologies and if and when we find out a way to get progress status, then we hope to implement that into backups.