• Sage Timeslips 2017 Installer Download

    I work for a small MSP on the west coast. We have a client that uses Timeslips 2017. We are in the process of migrating this client to a new Windows 2016 Server but we cannot locate an installer for Timeslips 2017. Sage support will not provide this as…

  • Is there some reason the download for v2020 is unavailable this morning? June 10, 2019

    Trying to install an upgrade for a client and the link to the download will not open correctly.  Keeps telling me I need to have Business Care. Client did not purchase Business Care.

    If I log in with my credentials, it still says I need to have Business…

  • Copy of TS 2017 for Windows 10

    I need to re-install everything on my Win10 machine and I have all install media EXCEPT TS 2017.  Just got off the phone with customer service, they won't/can't help and suggested I try the forum to see if anyone had a copy

    Roland A Vierra


  • Timeslips 2015 Installation

    Where can I access the 2015 Timeslips Installation? I have all the other relevant information such as the activation key etc.

  • Sage Timeslips: Are you taking advantage of the latest and greatest?

    Hello Valued Sage Timeslips Users,

    Statistics show that most of us are not currently using the most up-to-date build of Sage Timeslips. Each year we release a new version of the product (IE. Sage Timeslips 2016) and throughout the year we continue to…

  • Sage Timeslips 2015 Service Release 1

    Sage Timeslips 2015 Service Release 1 (SR1) is available as of this writing.

    Please refer to Knowledgebase Article 44567 for the download file.  Article 44577 contains the Read Me file with details of what has been addressed.

    Thank you for choosing Sage…

  • Sage Timeslips 2014 Service Release Now Available!!!

    Sage Timeslips 2014 Service Release Now Available!!!

    Customers currently using Sage Timeslips 2014 are encouraged to download and update their installed version of Sage Timeslips 2014. The Service Release for Sage Timeslips 2014 is located on our Sage…