Timeslips 2011 & Ledes 98B

We have been using Timeslips 2011 for years without issue. Years ago we added Ledes 98B using the Add-on Series because 1 client wanted us to submit electronic invoices using that format but the client abandoned it about 5 years ago and we haven't used it since. Now we have another client that wants us to use that format. However, when I attempt to set it up, there is no option to select "electronic delivery" on the bill arrangements page. All the litigation codes are available in the slips, just no option for electronic delivery. Any idea on how to set that up? We can upgrade but prefer not to incur that expense for a single client. Thanks for any advice...

  • It sounds like your addon is not enabled. You may have disabled it, or perhaps moved your installation and did not readd it back in.

    If you paid for it, you still own it. No need to upgrade, but you may need some help getting it back up and running/configured for the new auditor.

    If so, reach out.  I've also written a guide to LEDES billing in Timeslips with some colleagues available here: www.certifiedresourcesnetwork.com/

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