TimeSlips Billing Administrator Needed

Need a Full time Sage TimeSlips Billing Administrator with knowledge of LEDES and Legal Tracker.  Position in office Kendall Miami, Florida. Please call Lindon 305-274-4070.

Thanking you

  • Do you need someone to get LEDES started? Or is this more of an "it is all set up, just need someone to step in and keep it running" type of scenario?

    How important is it to you that they are onsite?

    Nancy Duhon, Esq.
    Duhon Technology Solutions, LLC
    Master Certified Consultant for Sage Timeslips
    LawPay Partnered Consultant
    Providing individual Consultations and Third Party Remote Desktop Support - including older/unsupported versions.
    [email protected]

  • Good day Ms. Duhon, hope all is well and you are staying safe. Everything is already setup just need someone to do the billing and keep things running.

    Thanking you,


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