Does anyone have the Sage TimeSlips 2019 .exe installation download file?

Does anyone have the Sage TimeSlips 2019 .exe installation download file?

I had Sage Timeslips 2019 installed on my old computer, but for some reason did not have the installation file (.exe). Now I need to reinstall on the same PC, but my PC has been wiped, everything has to be resintalled, and I don't have a .exe file. I'm new at this office and the former assistant installed the original 2019 Sage Timeslips before the pandemic. 

Due to Admin account issues on my PC, the IT dept. decided it was necessary to wipe my PC and reset all Windows User Accounts Controls and Admin accounts so that we had access to Admin permissions on Windows 10. We have been preparing for this wipe for over a month now. I called and chatted with Sage Timeslips help, and found some resources on and Sage was unable to help me over the phone because they don't have Sage Timeslips 2019 installation file .exe

We backed up all downloadable and Program Files on a flashdrive and reinstalled them on the new account on the same PC. Now that my PC has been wiped, I am unable to run or open any of these Sage Timeslips files. The "Sage Timeslips IT specialist" who called me said she has 2016, 2017, and the newer 2020 and 2021 installation files, but not 2019, and instructed me to post on this forum and pray to the Sage Timeslips gods for help.

I currently have:

  • all the old Sage Timeslips 2019 files except for the installer file (.exe)
  • presumably a working Sage Timeslips 2019 Installation Code, Serial Number, and Account ID.


Please halp! Thanks in advance!

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