Timeslips 2018, randomly deleting rates

So we have had Timeslips 2018 for a few months, and have recently noticed that some of the client rate tables have turned up blank.  At first we thought that staff responsible for setting up clients in TS were forgetting to insert the rates when creating the client file, but as time moved on we noticed that there were just too many times that this was happening so we looked into it further and found that when a client's rate table came up blank that a quick search of prior time slip entries showed that the rate tables were initially set up, so it's clear that TS is randomly deleting rate tables.  This is very disheartening because if the TS program is losing or deleting data from its SQL database, then how far reaching is it, where does it stop?  Is it also deleting time slips from client files??? We could be losing thousands of dollars and never know it.  Boardland database versions never had this problem....  Of course our support contract is no longer in place so no immediate help, too bad we didn't recognize this sooner.  I reported the problem to Timeslips.  Hopefully they will get on it and not ignore the problem because I don't have a support agreement with them.  If anyone has a suggestion, or have also noticed this too, please respond.

BTW, I have found another user who has this problem too, but in 2017 TS (see post here https://sagecity.na.sage.com/support_communities/sage_timeslips/f/sage-timeslips-forum/106675/slow-database-rates-randomly-calculating-at-zero/295677#295677

  • I'm not going to say it is impossible, but it is EXTREMELY rare for Timeslips to "randomly lose data."  Once it is saved as a record in the database you pretty much have to do something afterwards to affect it. That's just how databases work frankly.

    Not to trivialize your experience, which is clearly alarming, but this is just not something that we are seeing for the vast majority of our users.

    Have you contacted Sage Technical Support about this? Do you work with a Certified Consultant? Can you explain (in as much detail as possible) EXACTLY how you set up your client rate tables? What build number of v2018 are you running? Please go to Help, About Sage Timeslips 2018 and get the number that looks something like this:

    Also, you might want to turn on your Audit Tables so we can try and track what is going on and trace it down.

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  • Have you contacted Sage Technical Support about this? YES

    Do you work with a Certified Consultant? NO

    Can you explain (in as much detail as possible) EXACTLY how you set up your client rate tables? We use TimeMatters and when we set up a client in TMs we there is a field that allows us to link that record to TS and create the same information in TS, at that point when doing so it asks us to enter the rates for the client and we do so.  That has always worked, and continues to work perfectly.  We even made sure that all the rates were properly accounted for each client and added a new client today to TM and then TS via the aforementioned link, and there was not loss of information in that record or anyone elses.

    What build number of v2018 are you running?

  • P.S., I tried to do the Audit Trail, but I received the following error message:

    Sage Timeslips has encountered an error

    [FireDAC][DatS]-15. Duplicate row found on unique index. Constraint [RDB$PRIMARY15]

    Area: System Error

    Error Code: n/a

    Class: EADException


    Date: 4/5/2018

    Time: 1:17:28 PM


  • My guess is the time matters link. I know there are issues with the link and I have seen it delete the in reference to field. 

    They are working on fixing but not sure where various combinations stand. I would be happy to speak with you privately about what I know. 

  • Thanks.  I appreciate it.  I running on that theory right now, so we are watching TS very closely and going through all of the rates as we add new clients.  So far, no deletions have been made when adding a new client.  I get back with you on this.  I am thinking of reinstalling TS and if necessary unlinking TM from TS, steps to take to try and eliminate who is the culprit.  Funny enough though, I think this issue has only arisen in the last month, and there have been no updates to TMs or TS or changes in the way we operate and have been doing this for years (16+ years).