Sage Timeslips 2018 (Perpetual) May 2018 Service Release has just released!!

Timeslips 2018 Perpetual May 2018 Service Release (click to access the download) has just released. This Service Release is the result of customer feedback and continued quality assurance testing. Listed below are enhancements, new features, & fixes that are in this Service Release.

New Enhancements & Features

Type Search delay preference
When you are entering a nickname on a slip or on a transaction, you can enter the beginning characters in the nickname and Timeslips will move to the matching names. For longer nicknames, if you pause while entering the characters, Timeslips can reset the search and you may not stop on the name you expect. On the Navigation Rules page of Preferences (select Setup; Preferences), you can now use the “Reset type search criteria when there is no activity for” preference to delay that reset.

Resized reports on high DPI screens
Details: When using high DPI screens (like laptops), Windows would recommend displaying at 150%. In Timeslips, this could make reports, bills, or reprint bill images that were displayed on screen to cut off parts of the report. Displaying reports and bills in these scenarios should fit the information better.


Creating a database from an existing database did not set up record connections properly
When creating a new database based on the current database (select File; New; Database Based on Current), Timeslips did not set up record connection (select File; Connected Databases ) properly, so you could not exchange data from the new database to the original database.

In Mini Timeslips, you could not sort the Slip List by one of the names on the slip
Mini Timeslips is a smaller application of Timeslips that offers a much more limited set of features. When viewing the Time and Expense Slip List (select Slips; Time and Expense Slips), you can sort the slip list by a specific field by clicking on a column heading. Within Mini Timeslips, you could not sort the slip list by timekeeper, client, or activity.

Replacement slips settings can get improperly reset
You can use replacement slips (select Slips; Replacement Slips) to summarize charges from similar slips. If you use the same replacement rules for many clients, you can set replacement rules up for template clients and use the ‘Also uses template for replacement slips’ option for each other client. In some instances, opening Billing Assistant for a client would blank out this option for that client.

Precision settings may show incorrect totals on the Slip List
On the Charges page of Client Information (select Names; Client Info), you can set the ‘Time spent calculation method’ to determine how minutes convert to fractions of hours. The Time and Expense Slip List (select Slips; Time and Expense Slips) totals should ignore this setting.

Placing bills with funds activity on Proof Stage could take a long time to complete
If your database has a lot of funds transactions (1000+), when you place a bill with funds activity on Proof Stage, it may take a long time for that process to complete; in some cases the process may appear frozen.

Approving a bill with fee allocation disabled could cause an AV error
You can use Features Enabled (select Setup; Features Enabled) to hide features that you do not use. If you had disabled Fee allocation and you tried to approve a bill with a contingency flat fee, an AV error could appear.

Undoing split bills may inflate hours on the original slips
When you split bills (select Bills; Split Billing Rules), Timeslips splits charges from one client and assigns some of the charges to other clients. If you undo approval for a split bill (select Bills; Undo Approved Bills) that had multiple slips, the original slips could result in inflated hours.

Holding slips on flat fee bills could prevent taxes from being charged
Tax rules (select Setup; Taxes) determine how taxes are charged in Timeslips. If the ‘Tax applies to charges of flat fee bill arrangements’ option is marked and a client using that rule has a flat fee set up, but you are holding all slips for that client, Timeslips would incorrectly not charge taxes for that client.

Summarizing slips on bills can show Hours values incorrectly
When summarizing slips (select Bills; Bill and Statement Layouts) on bills that include a billing arrangement, Timeslips may hide the Amount column heading on the bill. The bill also shows hours for both billable and override slips; in this case, only override slips should be shown.

Spell Check process can underline description text
You can check spelling (select Special; Check Spelling and Grammar) manually or as part of generating reports and bills. If you’ve underlined parts of slip description, the spell-checking process could underline all text in the slip description.

  • You may need to manually shut down the TimeCapture program before you begin your install so it is not actively running when the install attempts to replace it.

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  • I'm trying to install the SR May 2018 update and keep getting an error: The update was not successful The patch could not update the following files: TimeCapture.exe.  How can I solve this to continue with the installation?

  • Sage Timeslips 2018 has been introduced with amazing features which can simplify multi-billing arrangement for efficient time tracking and timely client billing. Customers or users can make use of time and expense tracking from anywhere with the help of a sage internet connection for the virtual workforce.