Sage Timeslips 2016 (BDE) Service Release 3

Sage Timeslips 2016 (BDE) Serivce Release 3 has just released. This Service Release is the result of customer feedback and continued quality assurance testing. Listed below are the issues that are fixed with this Service Release:

  • All of the issues found in Service Release 1 and 2
  • When printing statements by email, tokens may not translate to data values properly.
    When sending statements by email, you can set up email templates to determine the subject and body of the associated emails (select Setup > Email Templates). These templates can use tokens in the email subject and email body that translate to the actual values for each client.
  • After switching databases, reprint bill images are not displaying properly.
    You can use the Reprint Bills dialog box (select Bills > Reprint Bills) to print another copy of past bills. If you switch from one database to another and then try to reprint bills, the list of reprint bill images does not display correctly unless you close and reopen Timeslips.
  • When editing slips imported from TimeCapture, the Time Spent could change.
    You can use TimeCapture (select Special > TimeCapture) to track time spent in other applications and then import those entries into Timeslips for reporting and billing. If you edit a slip imported from TimeCapture to change the task on the slip, Timeslips would reset time spent to the default time spent for that task.