Sage Timeslips Premium Service Release 6

Sage Timeslips Premium Service Release 6 has just released. This Service Release is the result of customer feedback and continued quality assurance testing. Listed below are the issues that are fixed with this Service Release:

  • All of the issues found in Service Release 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5
  • Undoing bill approval can result in a “record not found” error.
    You can use the Bill Stages dialog box (select Bills > Undo Approved Bills) to undo approval of the last bill for each client. If you undo approval for a bill that included Funds account activity, Timeslips may report a “record not found” error. 
  • Percent Complete Table on bills may show inaccurate values.
    If you have clients that use a percent complete billing arrangement, you can edit the bill layout (select Bills > Bill and Statement Layouts) to include the Percent Complete Table section on the bill, so your client can see details of each phase. When including this section, the Total Charges and Percent Complete values may not be accurate.  
  • TAL Pro could post incorrect Cash values to QuickBooks for prepayments.
    You can link Timeslips to QuickBooks using TAL Pro to avoid unnecessary double entry of transactions. When entering a pre-payment for a client in Timeslips, TAL can post that amount to CASH instead of SUSPENSE.
  • Statements do not show payment values correctly.
    You can print statements (select Bills > Generate Statements) to show clients the status of their account. When using the “Show payment distribution to invoice” option, the statement shows 0 values for some payments.
  • On bills, some fields on Customizable sections show blank values.
    You can include Customizable sections on your bill layouts (select Bills > Bill and Statement Layouts) that you can design to show many different Timeslips fields. Some fields (such Last Payment Amount, Last Payment Check, Last Payment Date, Last Payment ID, Last Payment Type, and Client History + New: Total A/R were showing incorrect values.
  • Prebill worksheets cannot exclude payments with unapplied amounts.
    When printing prebill worksheets (select Bills > Pre-bill Worksheet), you can click Options to set up many filters and options. If you unmark “Include payments with unapplied amounts”, those payments are still included on the worksheet.
  • Payment receipts do not display properly on user-defined transaction reports.
    After entering a payment from a client, you can generate a receipt for that payment (select a payment and press Ctrl+E). You can then create a user-defined transaction report (select Reports > Create a Report) that includes receipt information. In previous builds of Timeslips Premium, receipt information did not display correctly on the report.
  • On bills and worksheets, Timeslips ignores some custom filters or custom sorts.
    You can setup custom fields (select Setup > Custom Fields) to store data values that Sage Timeslips typically does not track. Some of the ways you can use these values is to filter data or sort data appearing on bills and reports.When using custom timekeeper fields or custom task fields to filter or sort records on bills or worksheets, Timeslips may ignore your settings.
  • Using automatic discounts could cause an error with aged balances.
    In the Charges page of Client Information (select Names > Client Info) you can set up automatic discounts for each client. In some scenarios, a new payment that triggered an automatic discount could display an aged balances error.
  • Editing descriptions in the Accounts Receivable List may not prompt you to save.
    You can use the Accounts Receivable List (select Transactions > Accounts Receivable) to review transactions and edit descriptions. If you edited a description and closed the Accounts Receivable List, Timeslips may not prompt you to save your change.
  • When entering transactions, details of pending Proof-stage invoices are not displayed.
    When entering accounts receivable transactions (select Transactions > Accounts Receivable and then click New), messages will now indicate when there is a Proof stage invoice for the client that is awaiting approval.
  • When entering transactions, Find Client by Invoice command doesn’t work.
    When entering accounts receivable transactions (select Transactions > Accounts Receivable and then click New), you can quickly choose a client by using their invoice numbers. This dialog box would only launch when clicking the button next to the Client field; it would not launch when right-clicking or pressing Ctrl+Shift+T.
  • When entering transactions, you cannot find clients by internal or customer invoice numbers.
    When entering accounts receivable transactions (select Transactions > Accounts Receivable and then click New), you can quickly choose a client by using their invoice numbers (press Ctrl+Shift+T). Using this method to choose clients only worked with Global invoice numbers, not Client or Internal invoice numbers.
  • Setting project separator to None can cause an error at startup.
    In the Nicknames page of Generate Settings (select Setup > General), you can set up a project separator to establish relationships between clients and projects. If you do not use this functionality and you set the project separator to None, Timeslips may show an error at startup.
  • Some client balances are not displaying properly on user-defined client reports.
    You can create a user-defined client report (select Reports > Create a Report) that displays balance information. When including the “Client: Aged Bal: Previous Balance” field on the report, this balance field may not show values as expected for some clients. As a workaround, some customers used the “Client: Aged Bal: Total ” field.
  • Type-Searching does not reset with Backspace, Enter, or ESC.
    In some fields and in some lists (such as the Client field on slips and transactions), you can begin typing to jump to a matching value. In Timeslips Premium, the values you typed in did not reset when you pressed BACKSPACE, ENTER, or ESC.
  • The Cut/Copy/Paste right-click menu commands were missing from transaction entry.
    When entering Payment transactions, Timeslips provides a Check No. field where you can track the check number. The traditional Cut/Copy/Paste commands were missing from this menu.
  • Opening a remote support session used an invalid URL.
    When you contact Support, a representative may need to access your workstation remotely. When you select Help > Support Options > Remote Support Session to start this process, Timeslips may launch an invalid URL.