Sage Timeslips Premium - March 2017 Service Release

***For Sage Timeslips Premium Customers Only***

March 2017 Service Release has just released. This Service Release is the result of customer feedback and continued quality assurance testing. Listed below are enhancements and new features that are in this Service Release.


Option to page break before consolidated summary
Ensures consolidated summary is not split between pages

  • Now when setting up bills for consolidated billing, you can control if there is a page break before the consolidated billing summary. In Bill Design, click Select, Configure Layout Sections to review project options.

Quick Bills now allow partial payments

  • When using Quick Bills (Bills, Quick Bills), you could only apply either no payment or a full payment. No you can apply a partial payment.

Reprint Bills now can show consolidated bills separately
Unchecking this option can improve performance of Reprint Bills

  • If your database has a lot of consolidated bills, opening the Reprint Bills dialog (Bills, Reprint Bills) could be slow. Now if you uncheck the option: "Show consolidated projects separately" it will improve performance.

Fee Allocation Additional Categories

  • You can now track up to 10 different Fee Allocation categories

Pre-bill worksheets can now show email addresses

  • When printing a Pre-bill Worksheet you can now include the clients email address at the top of their worksheet.

Increase performance loading and saving Timesheet templates

  • When using timesheets, the list of timesheet templates (Slips, Time Sheet, Slip Templates), loads faster.

New Features

Bill Reminders
New system to show reminders when it is time to bill a client

  • These automated prompts will remind timekeepers when it is time to generate bills for specific clients. Use the Bill Reminders page of Client Information to set up a bill reminder for each client. You can view the bill reminders assigned to you by clicking Bills, Bill Reminders.

Shows hint when the name list is filtered by My Lists

  • Helps customers determine when they are on My Lists

Apply Company watermark to bills, reports, & statements

  • In General Settings (Setup, General), use the new Watermark page to select a graphic to use as a company watermark. In Report options (Reports, Global Reports Options), choose if the watermark should be applied to reports, bills, and/or statements. KB 82356

Set start of work week

  • In General Settings (Setup, General), you can now use the Aging Periods page to set the start day of your workweek. KB 82355

For additional fixes & enhancements please download & install the latest Service Release.