Sage Timeslips Premium Enhancements

Sage Timeslips Premium Service Release 5 has just released. And with this new update comes a number of new & exciting enhancements.

  • Quick Bills: Use the new Quick Bill feature (select Bills > Quick Bill) to create & print a bill quickly. Often, these bills are used for one-time clients that you create while you set up the bill & close after you print the bill.
  • Budgets: All budgets screens (select Names > Budgets) have been updated to improve organization & flow. Recalculating budget values & printing budget reports is now faster.
  • Accounts Receivable list & Account receivable entry screens: The Accounts Receivable List (select Transactions > Accounts Receivable) has been updated for stability & performance. Toolbar buttons have been added to it for quick access to transaction-related preferences & list customization options.
    Most accounts receivable entry screens now show more information to help you understand how transactions are associated with each other or how values (like timekeeper contributions) are being calculated.
  • Address fields in Client Information: On the Contact Info page of Client Information (select Names > Client Info & open a client), address fields now show field labels.
  • Custom calculations are now available on bills: You can now create your own custom calculations for use on bill cover pages or bill custom pages. You can set these up just as you have set up custom calculations on user-defined reports.