Sage Timeslips - December 2016 Service Release

December 2016 Service Release has just released. This Service Release is the result of customer feedback and continued quality assurance testing. Listed below are enhancements and issues that are fixed with this Service Release:


  • Opening Billing Assistant in databases with many slips is faster
  • When using TAL Pro with QuickBooks, you can now create slips in Timeslips based on credit card charges in QuickBooks


  • Importing rate settings from another client can result in an AV error
    You can set up preferences (select Setup > Preferences) to make data entry more efficient. In the New Transaction Rules page, you can set preferences to copy fields into new transactions, however if you have Date marked, the date is not copied into the new transaction if you created the transaction through a bank deposit slip.
  • In Billing Assistant, if add new slips for a client, those slips will not appear on the bill
    You can use Billing Assistant (select Bills > Billing Assistant) to view and change billing information for each client and then print bills for them. If you add new slips for a client through Billing Assistant, those slips would not on the bill unless you closed and reopened Billing Assistant.
  • Cannot move Proof Stage bills to Audit Stage
    Timeslips allows you to submit bills in standard electronic billing formats, like LEDES or TyMetrix. When using some of these formats, you could not move a bill from Proof Stage to Audit Stage to submit the bill electronically.
  • Holding all charges from bills prevents Hold settings from being updated
    You can use the Holds page of Client Information (select Names > Client Info) to hold the entire bill for a client. When you print and approve a bill run that includes that client, Timeslips should update the Hold settings so future bills will be generated for that client.

For additional fixes & enhancements please download & install the latest Service Release.