Sage Timeslips 2017 - April service release

The Timeslips 2017 service release for April has been released.  The following highlights a portion of the items included:



  • Quantity is correctly displayed on expense slips
  • Rate exception rules of None are handled properly
  • Bill status of imported slips is properly handled
  • Translations are retained for continued use of the import template

Bills can now have hours exceeding 1000

Databases with many consolidated bills can be slow for billing related functions, and corrections were made to speed the process

Split Billing percentages are now calculated properly, and headings are corrected for Billing Arrangements used on split bills

 - More corrections are included and details can be found in Knowledgebase article 66902


For a link to the download, check out our knowledgebase article: Download Sage Timeslips 2017 April 2017 Update - ID 82654