New & Improved Timeslips Premium & Timeslips 2018 is here….

Timeslips Premium & Timeslips 2018 has a number of new & exciting enhancements:

eCenter Data Transfer Utility is now part of Timeslips.

In previous versions of Timeslips, eCenter users would have to run the DTU outside of the Timeslips program. Now users can sync Timeslips & eCenter from within the program.

View all reports in one list

In the Report List (select Reports, Billing), you can now view all the available reports in one list without having to search each report tab looking for a particular report. At the bottom of the list, check “Show All Reports group” to enable the new tab.

Timeslips 2018 is also getting additional enhancements that was only available for Timeslips Premium customers.

Here are just a few of the new enhancements in Timeslips 2018:

Quick Bill

Now you can use the Quick Bill feature (click Bills, Quick Bill) to create & print a bill quickly.

Fee Allocation now has more than three timekeeper categories

Fee allocation always had been limited to just three timekeeper categories. It has now been expanded up to 10 timekeeper categories.

Set start of work week

In General Settings (Setup, General), you can now use the Aging Periods page to set the start day of your workweek. KB 82355

Several areas now should experience improved performance:

  • If your database includes a lot of consolidated bills, opening the Reprint Bills list (select Bills > Reprint Bills) could be slow. You can now unmark the ‘Show consolidated projects separately’ option to improve performance.
  • You can use the Split Billing Rules dialog box (select Bills > Split Billing Rules) to maintain split billing. If you have a lot of rules, this list could open slowly.
  • When working with timesheets, the list of timesheet templates (select Slips > Time Sheet > Slip Templates) loads much faster.
  • Fee Allocations report and Fee Allocation by Period report have been optimized to generate much faster.
  • Timekeeper Collections report and Timekeeper Collections by Period report have been optimized to generate much faster.

Through customer feedback and the continued quality assurance testing, Timeslips Premium & Timeslips 2018 has added new enhancements & fixes that continue to make Sage Timeslips the award-winning program that it is.

Please contact Timeslips Sales 800-285-0999 to purchase either Timeslips Premium or Timeslips 2018 today.