• Taxes credit

    Hi, I'm struggling with p.2-30b where I need to enter an invoice of 480$ with 43,21$ of non-refundable taxes for a total of 523,21$.

    I'm pretty sure to know how to enter my scriptures, but can't seem to understand how and where to put my taxes. Can…

  • Student Version 2019 expired after 10 weeks

    I teach  Sage 50 at college, and every single year my students have issues with the Student Version expriing after only a few weeks. Again this year, the situation has become critical. Normally I have them uninstall then remove the Sage & Simply folders…

  • installation problem

     Good morning. I use the student version. Today I installed the sage 50. I wanted to open Select an existing company, I chose the SAI document that the teacher gave us , but when I opened it it always led me to go to the New Company Setup. I try everything…

  • Sage 50 2018 Student version download data files

    how do i access the START.SAI folder? I am unable to locate it the Sagedata18 folder.

  • loading a data file

    get message "sorry the data on this student version has expired"

    my registration says student version is good for 14 months & just loaded it today?

  • Sage 50 Accounting Student Version 2017 activation code

    I registered the student version of sage, but I did not receive Student Version 2017 activation code.

  • Can not installation SAGE50 2019

    I have download the Sage 50 2019 and get the email for Key code. After installation the sage it shows: 

    1.The Installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable package (X86) appears to have faild. Do you want to continue the installation.  I click…

  • How do you install Sage 50 student version 2019 onto a mac

    I have been trying to install sage on my laptop and I got to the download part that comes before the install part. However, after it was done downloading it wouldn’t let me open the file because it says Microsoft Windows applications are not supported…
  • Trouble with account ID during registration

    Hello, my Sage 50 2019 student version is asking for my account ID, i did all of the registrations and have the serial and activation code but still do not have my account ID. what could I possibly do? 

    I contacted customer service and they simply told…

  • Sage 50 Premium 2015 Activation Code

    I have contacted the Sage email [email protected]

    They only send codes for 2018 - 2019 automatically.

    I need an activation code for Sage 50 2015 version. How can I get a 2015 activation code.

  • Service Interruption to Receipt of Sage 50 Canadian Edition Student Version Activation Codes

    Dear students,


    We are currently working to resolve an issue affecting receipt of activation codes for students looking to use Sage 50 Canadian Student Edition.


    We have a workaround available, please contact [email protected] for assistance, also…

  • Sage 300 2019 student version database error

    When I try to load the sample data into Sage 300 database setup, an error message appears saying "Error creating system DB entry. OrgTbl32.exe". What does this mean and how to fix it?

  • URGENT PLEASE HELP. 14 Month access expired in less than 30 days !!

    I registered sage 50 student version which is supposed to be accessible for 14 months but it get expired within 1 month.

    Need your help urgently.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Cannot Install Student Version of Sage 50 2018 in Canada

    Hi, I am desperately trying to figure out how to install the 2018 Canadian student version of Sage 50. I am able to download data files and then the instructions say to click on the icon to register and install, but there is no icon anywhere and I can…

  • Using Sage 50 2018 on my personal Laptop and the fonts are different than the Sage 50 2018 on campus

    Using Sage 50 2018 on my personal Laptop. My professor has requested that all reports be in Bookman Old Style font. When I went to change the font, the Bookman options were not available. The option is available on the version we have on campus. How do…

  • Registration

    I tried the procedure for downloading for the Student Version of Sage 50 Premium Accounting 2019(Canadian Edition) but after registration, I haven't received the code yet. Can someone please help me with that.

  • Installation


    I tried to install Sage 50 Accounting, but i appeared the errors with microsoft visual C++ 2012 and 2015

    Please help me fix it. Thanks

  • activation code needed

    Hi. I have sent request to get student activation code twice. I even wrote and called customer service. Still haven’t received any code. Please help. I need it badly really soon. 

    Thank you so much.

  • Unable to register as Student

    I have just purchased Sage 50 Accounting 2018. I have received a serial number for 2018 version but I didn't find any link for student registration. Please help me how to register as a student to get key code.

  • Activation of sage 50

    I am using a student version of Sage 50, but all of a sudden I see it is expired today, it is only one month when I installed and started using and it was supposed to work till 14 months. Now it is asking for all my activation credentials. I have all…

  • UPDATE: What to do if I haven't received my activation codes for the Student Version of Sage 50 Canadian?

    Dear students,


    Have you visited the site below to register but haven't received an activation code?


    We are currently working to resolve an issue affecting receipt of activation codes for students looking…

  • How much longer will it take to receive activation code?

    I've been waiting 5 days (3 business days) for my activation code email....hoping that this forum will offer some assistance. As a student, this forum seems like the only way to get tech support from Sage...?

  • Does anyone knows how update Sage 50 Student version from 2017.0 to 2017.2?

    I have downloaded the Sage 50 Student version 2017.0 from Education Partner Program (https://www.sage.com/ca/about-us/education), but there have only version 2017.0. 

    At my college, the Sage 50 version is 2017.2 which impedes me from continuing to learn…

  • Installation

    Hi all! 

    I have tried downloading the software but all I got was an e mail. I selected the 2018 version because that is what my instructor said to use for the semester; however, I received an email with only versions 2013, 2014, and 2015 as options for…

  • 2018 Student Version is having problems

    I have used Sage 50 for quite a long time (when it was Peachtree) and have never had issues like I am having this year.  We have the 2018 version installed in our lab and the students also have the option of downloading it on their computer.  In many cases…