• Assignment Question

    Tesses Tresses assignment Question From: Owners pay Hst owing to the Reciever General for the period ending January 31, 2024. Issue cheque $424 in payment

    The first picture is my question. Second is my Tax report. Third pic is so far what I have. Please…

  • Tax code won't show in fields

    Ok....these darn tax codes! Different project now. I've entered the tax names fine, but the tax codes won't "stick". I enter them one by one, but they won't stay written in the field. Help!

    Student Version of Sage 50 2019

  • Pay salaries manually

    How do you pay salaries throughout make payment 

    This is the assignment   Do I enter all this in the cheque form

    and then how does month end payment for receiver general for source deductions work  


    Salary expense$4,000.00

    CPP expense$190.78

  • Journal Entires

    Hey I am having difficulty doing the journal entries throughout textbook so far. My class for Sage 50 Accounting 2020 has just started and we are on chapter 3, but me myself am having trouble due to not remembering much about accounts and what to debit…

  • Still waiting

    I am already behind on my sage 50 2 assignments I am still waiting for a key code that is 23 characters long....I do have an activation code that is 31 characters long, which idk what to do with....please help!!!!

  • Haven't received registration link/ after 24 hour mark


    I registered online today and have not received a registration link. I have read through other discussion boxes stating that the link takes anywhere up to 24 hours to receive. I will wait for the 24 hours and continue to check up on my junk box…

  • Using Sage 50 2018 on my personal Laptop and the fonts are different than the Sage 50 2018 on campus

    Using Sage 50 2018 on my personal Laptop. My professor has requested that all reports be in Bookman Old Style font. When I went to change the font, the Bookman options were not available. The option is available on the version we have on campus. How do…

  • can not activate my account

    I registered 4 days ago, but I still haven't got the key code to activate my account. My instructor assigned the task already. Please send me the code. Thank you!

  • Error message 1324 and 1603

    Hi ! I am taking accounting software class this semester and have a problem to install your program in my computer. 

    I'd installed Sage50 2018 version for this class on May, but I didn't use at all because I'd dropped it. Now I decided to take the class…

  • UPDATE: What to do if I haven't received my activation codes for the Student Version of Sage 50 Canadian?

    Dear students,


    Have you visited the site below to register but haven't received an activation code?


    We are currently working to resolve an issue affecting receipt of activation codes for students looking…

  • No registration email!

    I have read that there is an issue with the email registration generator. I notice that  there is a way to work around this. I would like to receive this work around as the due dates for  my assignment is fastly approaching!

  • Installation

    Hi all! 

    I have tried downloading the software but all I got was an e mail. I selected the 2018 version because that is what my instructor said to use for the semester; however, I received an email with only versions 2013, 2014, and 2015 as options for…

  • Installation Help

    it's downloaded but won't allow me to install it. What should I do?

  • Student Data Files 2013

    I need to download the student data files but my laptop does not have a dvd or cd drive for me to download them off the dvd.. is there a link somewhere I can download these files from?

    Sage 50 Student Canadian edition 2013