• Sales order and freight charge


    I entered a sales order by cheque but it doesn't let me enter a freight charge. What should i do?

    Thank you.

  • Pay salaries manually

    How do you pay salaries throughout make payment 

    This is the assignment   Do I enter all this in the cheque form

    and then how does month end payment for receiver general for source deductions work  


    Salary expense$4,000.00

    CPP expense$190.78

  • Entering operating line

    Can anyone help me. I don’t know how to enter this transaction in Sage 50 

    Company negotiated a $20,000 operating line with BNS. Interest will be charged at 4% per annum and the loan covenants limit the amount of the operating line to 60% of good…

  • Student version thatt suppose to last up to 14 months says it has been expired.

    I made account and recieved a student version (14 months) in September 2020 and it is now say it is expired November 2020. It is now saying I should buy a full version . What is happening?

    Student version thatt suppose to last up to 14 months says it…

  • loading a data file

    get message "sorry the data on this student version has expired"

    my registration says student version is good for 14 months & just loaded it today?

  • No activation Key

    Good morning, 

    I have downloaded and registered for the Sage student version but still have not received and activation key via email. How do I get this?

  • key code

    Hii i just complete my saga student registration i want key code company name for my student version verification

  • Activation key code


    I Have registered to have an activation key code so many times, but I haven't received any code yet. please, how can I have the activation key code to complete my installation. I am using sage 2017 student version.

    Thank you.

  • Activation Code Outage: Still no code after 3 days and multiple emails

    Hi there,

    I am wondering if there is a timeline on this outage? I have been trying everything suggested for the past three days to get an activation code for the 2019 student edition. I have emailed numerous times with no reply, classes started 3 days…

  • No Key Code for activation after 5 days

    Hi I've been waiting for my key code to activate Version 2020 (Canada) for 5 days. I have requested a code multiple times and contacted support a few times as well. Thanks.

  • Sage 50 2018 Premium

    I am a student and at school we use sage 50 Premium . 2018. 

    So I downloaded the same version on my laptop , student version of course and each time I try to open any school files I get this message : 

    The company file you are trying to open is from Sage…

  • Using Sage 50 2018 on my personal Laptop and the fonts are different than the Sage 50 2018 on campus

    Using Sage 50 2018 on my personal Laptop. My professor has requested that all reports be in Bookman Old Style font. When I went to change the font, the Bookman options were not available. The option is available on the version we have on campus. How do…

  • Sage Wont "Activate"


    I've installed Sage 50 for the 2018 version, and registered and all that shenanigans, I get to the start up Sage 50, and press Activate part. Do that. It all works out.

    Only then when I go to open anything in Sage, it tells me that Sage 50…

  • Activation key code


    I have been waiting all week to receive an email with my activation key code and every time I contact support they say they are unable to help.... Is there anyone who can tell me if I will be receiving my key code any time soon as I have assignments…

  • How to update a Student Edition of Sage 50 2017 to 2017.2?

    My course at school has updated their on site computers to Sage 50 Premium 2017.2 but the download option on the website only allowed me to install the Sage 50 Premium 2017 version. So when I try to access my companies at home, the software says that…