• Sage 50 2021 Student Addition

    I downloaded the software and sent in my registration at least 5 times and I am not getting the email with the Serial number and Key code.  I've emailed and called Sage and keep getting hung up.  I've already missed two assignments.  Someone please…

  • Sage 300 - Accounting Manager Student version


    I'm planning on subscribing for Sage 300 - Accounting Manager module. If I buy the learning module, do I get to download a student version of the software for learning purpose?

    If yes, when do I get to download the student version?


  • Sage 50 Student Download

    I downloaded the Sage 50 software as per the instructions in my textbook. 

    When I open it, it is asking me for a Key code that I don't have. Also an organization name. Do I put in my schools name for the organization name? and where can I find the key…

  • downloading on macbook


    I am trying to download sage50 on my macbook but it shows that file is broken can anyone help me how to fix this problem

    Thanks and regards

    Kevin Patel

  • Activating Sage 50 Student Version

    I finally received the keycode to activate the sage 50 2018 student version after installing onto my laptop. I entered the company, serial number and key code I received and keep getting a warning message the information I entered is invalid. I tried…

  • I'm an Educator and my students had to download Sage 50 2021 software in place of Sage 50 2019 software

    I'm an Educator and my students have had to download Sage 50 2021 because of the software issue. Our textbook is Sage 50 -2019 and I want to use the Educator resources for that textbook.

    I was told to install the Sage 50-2021 Educational version.

  • Activation key code ?

    I have installed a student version of Sage 50 2019 and registered a form, but have not received an email to get an activation key code to activate the system. What should I do now ?

  • Sage exchange

    I am on chapter 13 , I have downloaded sage exchange and it say it is running in the background . It say there is an update and I try to update it but it won’t . I fill out the sales order but when I hit process credit card , nothing happens . Need help…

  • Sage 50 student version

    I have sage 50 student version and I had to set my laptop back to factor and when I re downloaded the sage 50 student version 2019 , now the text is too small to read . Help please 

  • Keycodes

    Having trouble registering and receiving the key code for the student version.

    I have registered but have not received a key code.

  • Sage 50 supérieur 2016 CA pour etudiant


    Ca fait des heures que je tente de trouver la version 2016 ?

  • Unable to register for Sage 50 Student version


    I am trying to get Sage 50 student version set up on my computer so I can complete my classwork however I have not been able to complete the registration to get a serial number for installation.

    My professor had said that the instructions in the…

  • Incorrect password or user ID during installation

    I am installing Sage 300 2019 and have followed all steps but once I get to setting up the database from the sqlexress the default username and password from the book, I am getting an error message that tells me they are wrong! Does anyone have a fix…

  • creating company files

    Hi guys, can somebody help me with my issue?  apparently when I downloaded the sage 50 accounting 2020,  I ignored to select  create a new company and now that I am going to do receivable and payables set-up lesson I cannot do it.  When I open Sage software…

  • Accounting software application

    dear sir mam

    i am using sage 50 2020 but i need a logo pictures i dont know how can i download it can you send it to me because i need logo pictures for complete my assignment if you can send then send me as soon as possivble 



  • i cannot open data files

    Hi all, I just finished installing sage 50 acctg. 2020 done and finished,  when I am about to open it, I cannot access data file.  I tried many times to uninstall and install the software hoping that the system will bring me to the welcome page to be able…

  • fail to install

  • Regarding activation code

    I want to know that I have registered for learning sage 50 student version 2018 and  haven't received email regarding  activation code. please solve my issue.

  • Sage 50 2021 Installation - Key file

    Key file not found error after installing Sage 50 2021 and open the Sage. I Un-installed the version and re installed it and still the same error message appears below. HELP!

  • Re:free student account

    Hello I have applied for a student account and am needing the account approval urgently. Does anyone know the approval time frame. My group project is depending on it.

  • Sage Data18


    I'm a student and just downloaded Sage 50 2018 and I'm missing the Sage Data18 folder.

    I've un installed everything and re installed but it is still missing.

    I've also re did my firewall.

    Thank you,

  • Installing Sage 50 Canada 2018 version

    I keep getting the message that Microsoft Visual ++ 2015 installation was unsuccessful, while I was able to go to the next stage, I  could not complete the activation because the file was empty. How can I fix this issue. I have used three different laptops…

  • exercise2 in lesson 6

    I have a question for you; in exercise2 in lesson 6 I need to select a customer name" Armstrong Home Hardware" but  I do not have any customer that is shown below. I am just wondering if you can help me.
  • hello

    still lost

  • Student Version 2019 expired after 10 weeks

    I teach  Sage 50 at college, and every single year my students have issues with the Student Version expriing after only a few weeks. Again this year, the situation has become critical. Normally I have them uninstall then remove the Sage & Simply folders…