• Sage 500 ERP setup in Windows 8.1


    I am trying to learn the setup of Sage 500 ERP ver 5.4 following the book I borrowed from library. I am using Windows 8.1. 

    I am stuck in creating "company databases using database setup (Step 4)".

    I finished Step 1 - 3:

    1: Copy the dump…

  • Creating a Data base set up Sage 300

    I'm trying to setup my Data base from SQL server but the Id and password are not working (page 13-14) 

    Please help!!!


  • Opening a Data File

    I have installed SAGE50 2017 Student Version and trying to start working on it. However, while opening a data file, I don't see SageData17 in This PC>Windows(C:). I see only Sage in this list. How do I move forward?



  • Getting Message - Pervasive Error - Call Support

    Sage was working just fine on Friday, May 5, 2017, however when I tried to go into Sage Saturday morning I could not open it.  When I double click on the icon on my computer I get a message for an expired account activation key.  However, I activated my…

  • Sage works sporadically, unable to open Data Files all the time

    I was able to open Sage the other day after the same issue, the chat support was able to help me. He told me to open it and "run as admin". It worked, but now I'm having the same error message of: "database not available". I just tried it again - changing…