Sage works sporadically, unable to open Data Files all the time

I was able to open Sage the other day after the same issue, the chat support was able to help me. He told me to open it and "run as admin". It worked, but now I'm having the same error message of: "database not available". I just tried it again - changing nothing and all of a sudden it let me into the program. What is going on?

  • Good Morning,

    Sorry for the delay. I wanted to check with support to ensure that I have the correct answer.

    If the Pervasive database is not running as a service in Windows it will give the message “Sage 50 cannot be started” when you try to open it the first time. This will load Pervasive as a startup item in the system tray, once that happens you will be able to load up Sage 50 on subsequent tries. Based on the below I think that is probably what is going on in this instance.

    If it continues to stop working, please give us a call at 1-800-256-8807 to investigate in more details.

    Sage Education