Student Version 2019 expired after 10 weeks

I teach  Sage 50 at college, and every single year my students have issues with the Student Version expriing after only a few weeks. Again this year, the situation has become critical. Normally I have them uninstall then remove the Sage & Simply folders from C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting as well as from any other User folders in their C:\.  This year, since reinstallation didn't work, I also had them run the little StudentVerCleanUp utility.  Would you please let me know what can be done?  With only 8 days left on their version and 2 months left in the semester, I fear the worst, and  I am becoming increasingly frustrated with this Student Version. Honestly, it was so much easier when we installed directly from a floppy (Simply) back in the early 2000s. 

Thanks for your help.

Helene Cote
College Boreal

  • Hello Helene, 

    Thanks for reaching out. Sounds like you know all the tricks we have for assisting with problem installs. I'll forward your comments and email onto the support team for review and ask them to reach out. Was this for the Account ending 400xxxx336 for College Boreal?  I have the 4xx-xxx-x130 number, if you have a particular extension where you can be reached let us know. The team will likely ask by email.

    Students may receive support for installation issues only. Complimentary technical support is not included with the Sage 50 student version, students are advised to contact their instructor for assistance so we'll be sure to have someone contact you. I've also included the email [email protected] in my request to the team so that they are aware of your request. Will update with any news. 

    Warm Regards, 

  • Hello and thank you for your reply.

    The license issued  to Collège Boréal is something completely separate; it isn't linked to the courses taught.  My students and I use the Student Version (French) that is downloaded from, and using user information, series # and activation key provided in our textbook (Nicole Benoit/Denis Lanthier).

    I look forward to receiving your support; our techincians are also trying to assist.