New user - student, needed help how to skip "open file" when launching Sage 50

Hi there,

Im an accounting student and we are required to use SAGE for our class. I have downloaded Sage and i was able to get on the page where i can create a new company, however everytime i tried to do that, the company file i created disappear. after 10 attempts on creating a new company i realized it could have been my firewall removing the files i created. so i turned off my firewall, but had to restrart my laptop. when i tried to open the sage apps again, it wont prompt me to create a new company anymore but it keeps bringing me to "open file". i tried to search all the files i created previous but i cannot locate it for the life me. and im stuck with the "open file". if anyone can please assist on how i can skip that part and get me back to create a new company window please, would really really appreciate it. i already didn uninstall/install the software 4x - "open file" windows pops still instead of creating new company. 

would really need an expert's advise please. 

thank you so much!