• PFW 2010 with windows 10

    Yes; I know the software is obsolete but we have to try to use what we have.

    Is anyone successfully running PFW 2010 with windows 10?  We do have a few running fine; our latest install displays error 449 Argument not optional when any user tries to log…

  • Security Data Conversion Wizard

    We have a client that is using the Sage PWF 5.9 Client. The login prompt requests that we run the "Security Data Conversion Wizard". Can anybody tell me where this is located? All previous installs can access the file repository for sage just fine. When…

  • Run-time error 48 when trying to print PO

    I'm getting a run-time error '48': Error in loading DLL when trying to print a purchase order in PFW.  Please help!