• PFW 2010 with windows 10

    Yes; I know the software is obsolete but we have to try to use what we have.

    Is anyone successfully running PFW 2010 with windows 10?  We do have a few running fine; our latest install displays error 449 Argument not optional when any user tries to log…

  • Security Data Conversion Wizard

    We have a client that is using the Sage PWF 5.9 Client. The login prompt requests that we run the "Security Data Conversion Wizard". Can anybody tell me where this is located? All previous installs can access the file repository for sage just fine. When…

  • Platinum V4

    Does anyone have an old user guide for Platinum v4?

  • PFW 6.7 installation

    The computer that runs FRX 6.7 had failed and we need to re-install FRX 6.7 on different computer.

    When looking on the hard drive of the failed computer, I see the Sysdata as local on Program Files\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\Sysdata

    I copied the files and folders…

  • Sage PFW PRO and Microsoft RemoteApp

    Is anyone running Sage PFW PRO using the Microsoft RemoteApp?   If so are there any gotchas we should be aware of?

  • Sage PFW 5.7 and Pervasive 10.12 on Server 2012 R2

    We are running 5.7 on Windows 7 64 bit machines and the server is running 2003 32 bit.  We are looking to see if we can migrate this all to 2012 R2.  Has anyone been able to do this successfully or know if there are any restrictions to migration?

  • General Ledger Missing after application moved.

    I have a customer that still uses Sage ERP 2010. We had to move the application to a terminal server, but now General ledger is missing from the menu. Standard ledger is showing as licensed, but not installed and Premier is showing as installed, but not…

  • Have to re-install PFW 20.10, Pervasive 10.0, FRx 6.7 on archive server

    Our archive server is having Windows Small Business Server 2008 R2 problems requiring a wipe and re-install

    Our company has financial and production/inventory data dating back to Platinum for Windows (20+ years) that will be needed n case of an audit

  • Activation Code for Pervasive 10.3

    I have a Legacy PFW system running on a Windows Server 2003 system that is being retired. The accounting department still access  PFW for historic information. I need to reinstall Pervasive and PFW on a new server that is replacing the retired server.…