I am looking for an expert in FRX for SAGE PFW version 5.9.  I can't access the database. We had a server crash and need to know if this software is recoverable.

  • Run time error 5 and then 13 when accessing GL journal entry screen

    Has anyone encountered this in PFW 5.9?

    Journal entry in GL (standard edition)

    Run-time error 5: invalid procedure call or argument

    Pressed ok

    Run-time error 13: type mismatch

    All other data entry screens seem to work fine. Can't do JE as the screen seems…

  • BEX error when running A/R Invoice Edit Report and some A/R File listings

    The I.T. department has moved PFW to Windows Server 2016 (with new versions of Actian PSL 13.3)

    Everything seems to be working fine, so far, but we get this error when running the Invoice Edit Report (and some listings):


  • Security Data Conversion Wizard

    We have a client that is using the Sage PWF 5.9 Client. The login prompt requests that we run the "Security Data Conversion Wizard". Can anybody tell me where this is located? All previous installs can access the file repository for sage just fine. When…

  • PFW 5.9 installer download

    Does anyone know where I can find a download for the PFW 5.9 client installer?

  • cash account file maintenance

    Created a new GL cash account and want to link the Vendor Class Key to the new cash account in AP. Apparently I need to tell AP that the account is an available cash account but I cannot find where to do that. We do not use Bank Book or any other cash…

  • Anyone know the default password for Admin?

    Trying to just get into PFW 2010 to help a client that lost all their data, but can't remember the default password Disappointed

  • Sage PFW Source Code


    Im just got a new job, my company use Sage PFW and my self had using VB6 around 10 years, but we have difficulties in the Source Code,  is there a place or service company or resources that provide the original source code for Sage PFW.  We lose contact…

  • PFW 6.7 installation

    The computer that runs FRX 6.7 had failed and we need to re-install FRX 6.7 on different computer.

    When looking on the hard drive of the failed computer, I see the Sysdata as local on Program Files\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\Sysdata

    I copied the files and folders…

  • PFW - How to unlock the admin account (attempts exceeded)

    Hi All, I have the most current version of Sage PFW (prior to it being retired). This morning I came in and my admin account was locked (login attempts exceeded). Additionally, the admin account had the same issue. I know I had this issue a few years…

  • Inventory - Changing Item Cost Method

    We are trying to confirm for a client that in order to change the cost method from FIFO to Weighted Average by just making the change in the Item Master.

    I have indicated to them that this will impact the item's costing and result in questionable valuation…

  • Have to re-install PFW 20.10, Pervasive 10.0, FRx 6.7 on archive server

    Our archive server is having Windows Small Business Server 2008 R2 problems requiring a wipe and re-install

    Our company has financial and production/inventory data dating back to Platinum for Windows (20+ years) that will be needed n case of an audit

  • Activation Code for Pervasive 10.3

    I have a Legacy PFW system running on a Windows Server 2003 system that is being retired. The accounting department still access  PFW for historic information. I need to reinstall Pervasive and PFW on a new server that is replacing the retired server.…

  • How to export to excel the Data using ODBC | Sage PFW

    I'm looking for a way to export the data to a excel file. using ODBC.

  • Is Sage PFW compatible with Windows 8.1


    I recently installed Sage 8.1 on my Windows 8.1 PC. I can't open my "E-Z order" tab and was wondering if anyone had come across this issue.

    I get a Microsoft '429' error that has to do with Active X.

    Any and all help is greatly…

  • *ALERT* This information applies to all Sage customers

    We have a new blog post that we highly recommend that you read as it references a new viral threat that may impact vulnerable networks and private PCs and has a very high potential to destroy production data. Please find that blog post here: http://sge…