• PFW 2010 with windows 10

    Yes; I know the software is obsolete but we have to try to use what we have.

    Is anyone successfully running PFW 2010 with windows 10?  We do have a few running fine; our latest install displays error 449 Argument not optional when any user tries to log…

  • Sage PFW PRO and Microsoft RemoteApp

    Is anyone running Sage PFW PRO using the Microsoft RemoteApp?   If so are there any gotchas we should be aware of?

  • General Ledger Missing after application moved.

    I have a customer that still uses Sage ERP 2010. We had to move the application to a terminal server, but now General ledger is missing from the menu. Standard ledger is showing as licensed, but not installed and Premier is showing as installed, but not…

  • Have to re-install PFW 20.10, Pervasive 10.0, FRx 6.7 on archive server

    Our archive server is having Windows Small Business Server 2008 R2 problems requiring a wipe and re-install

    Our company has financial and production/inventory data dating back to Platinum for Windows (20+ years) that will be needed n case of an audit

  • Activation Code for Pervasive 10.3

    I have a Legacy PFW system running on a Windows Server 2003 system that is being retired. The accounting department still access  PFW for historic information. I need to reinstall Pervasive and PFW on a new server that is replacing the retired server.…