Pervasive System Analyzer hanging during install Pervasive 9.1 & PFW 5.5

We have a laptop that we use as a backup PFW when working one of the PFW workstations needs attention.

We needed to to a fresh install of the Pervasive 9.1 client PFW 5.5 client on this laptop,  We have done this prior for other workstations, but this time we are encountering problems during the Pervasive 9.1 client install.

Here are the steps we went through.

First we uninstalled the PFW client, then uninstalled all references of Pervasive applications on this laptop.

After rebooting the laptop, we ran the Pervasive client install by running the setup.exe from the \\Sse-fs1\PVSW\Clients\Windows folder and chose complete install.

After the files are copied, it comes to a the Pervasive System Analyzer, The Test Network Communication.  Is you network communicating correctly?

After entering in either the machine name or IP address, it hangs on the following

Resolving name to address using Server Address Table (SAT)...

This machine can both ping the IP address and computer name without issues from a command prompt

Any feedback would be appreciated.


  • Since you use workstation version why you need client version in the same machine ? as I know when you install workstation the workstation already install its own client. Ie in Client version the  ODBC is ODBC for Client and in workstation the ODBC is ODBC engine. well ?