PFW 6.7 installation

The computer that runs FRX 6.7 had failed and we need to re-install FRX 6.7 on different computer.

When looking on the hard drive of the failed computer, I see the Sysdata as local on Program Files\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\Sysdata

I copied the files and folders from Program Files\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\ on the failed computer to Program Files\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\ on the replacement computer and ran the installation from the setup files on the CD, Clicked on FRx for PFW Standard, then Network Client the chose Program Files\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\ as the location containing the shared FRX 6.7 program files, then next, next finish.  I made sure to copy the License.ocx that was originally on the failed computer path Program Files\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\ to the replacement computer.

We are able to run FRX Designer for the entire day afterwards, but the following day when trying to open FRx Designer, we receive the following error: 

Spec Set database is not valid for this installation or system type. Contact your FRx support provider

The only way to get back in to the app is to uninstall the application and reinstall as per the information above.  It then works, but as of now, this needs to be done every subsequent day that FRx 6.7 needs to be run.  It works fine for the whole day afterwards, but the problem repeats the next day.

Any help would be appreciated.  We are really in a bind.

Thanks you in advance

  • Hi there,

    FRx has been long retired and there is no more support for this product.

    What you can try is to uninstall and reinstall FRx, and select PFW Premier instead of Standard, and see if that works.
    Also, just a note. If you able to get into FRx, go to Admin > Organization, and make a screenshot of that whole license screen and keep it, for Sage cannot generate Unlocking codes for FRx. You can use that registration information over an over.
    Also, make a good backup of that Sysdata folder, for all of your reports and designs are stored on that folder.

    Hope that works, and good luck!