• Allow employer to enter holiday dates to be taken into account for Time Off requests.

    Allow employer to enter holiday dates to be taken into account for Time Off requests.

  • Pending Leave report

    Anyone built a report that shows upcoming pending leave from ESS?

    Looking for solutions


  • HRMS ESS web error


    I'm rebuilding our Sage stack to separate the webserver out and into a DMZ.  Installed per the guide but am getting the below error on the webpage;

    Invalid column name 'pk_syenter'.  How do I fix this?

  • No records could be displayed error when trying to click on benefit eligibility in ESS

    I have open enrollment running for a few of our companies.  But when trying to add a new plan and start a different company open enrollment I keep getting an error saying No records could be displayed.  Even on the plans that are undefined and not in an…

  • Different Pay Stubs for Different Companies in ESS

    We have two companies that we use HRMS and ESS for.  One company is in California and has very specific rules on how to display SICK time on the pay stubs.  I have different paycheck stubs for each company with the SICK and PTO times displayed differently…

  • ESS Approval Notifications - Can approval notification go to more than one person

    Within ESS, is it possible to set an approval notification to go to more than one person?

    Currently, it is set for the manager to get the time off notice and approve.  However, I also need to receive notice the request was approved or denied.

    Can ESS be…

  • Unable to change ESS Customize Logon Page

    It was time to change the ESS logon page. I want to insert the following text:

    Information contained in Sage SS includes:
    View Payroll History
    View/Update home address, phone, emergency contacts

    ESS is giving me an error every time I try to save the changes…

  • Sage Hrms ESS App?

    Is there any discussion about creating an App for Sage HRMS ESS? Seems like that would be the logical evolution if you are continuing to invest in the product. 

  • Which tables does SageHRMS use when posting payroll checks to ESS?

    Need to know which tables SageHRMS uses when posting Payroll checks to ESS. 

  • User Authentication

    Maybe it is simply our setup, I'm really not certain and I haven't been able to find anything on the subject...

    We asked for a 2 factor authentication system and were given an "Additional Security Verification". 

    I'm looking for a system…

  • Managers should be able to enter unscheduled time off

    Currently, the employee has to initiate the "time off".  However, when there are instances where employees have to take time off unexpectedly (sick, etc).  In this instance, the manager should be able to record the time in ESS versus having to…

  • Has anyone successfully modified the ESS pay stub Crystal Report?

    We are trying to change from using the earnings totals to using the gross pay totals on the ESS pdf. However, every time I change anything on the report (even just removing a text object), the print/post checks process gives an error that there are no…

  • Pending Timeoff Requests not visible for action

    We currently have a situation where pending time off requests are not showing in either the employee or manager list views to be actioned, however, they are visible in the TimeOff Calendar.  In all of the cases, the date for the request has already passed…

  • List Current Benefit Offerings Alphabetically

    In Current Benefits in ESS, can the benefits be listed alphabetically?

  • Make Navigation Arrows In ESS More Prominent and Intuitive

    The Black arrows in the upper right used to navigate through the pages of ESS would be easier to see and understand if they were located below the page content, were larger, and labeled in a manner that is somewhat universal, i.e. widely used in other…

  • Free ATLs on Comparing Sage Abra Suite and Sage HRMS!

    Are you migrating from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS or are you thinking about it? Are you curious? We have added a second Anytime Learning (ATL) video to give you a high level overview comparing the two ESS products. The first ATL compares HR and Payroll…

  • Sage HRMS and ESS - TLS versions required

    Our client IT group is asking about versions of TLS that are required by HRMS and ESS.  They do not support TLS 1.1 or 1.2.

    What versions of TLS are supported by HRMS and ESS and what functions require TLS?  I suspect ESS and possibly email from within…

  • Manager Information Views

    I had an inquiry from a manager who wanted to see Compensation information on an employee who reported to one of his direct reports.  Under the Organization Tab he can see all the indirect reports, but under any of the other Tab the Manager cannot see…


    The current check stub in ESS is not showing the total YTD earnings.  

    It only shows based on current earnings on the CURRENT CHECK STUB

    It has been tested via Sage Support.

    Can we please get this corrected - as anyone looking at a check stub expects to…

  • Pay Stubs not posting in ESS

    We have completed payroll in Sage HRMS, but the latest pay stubs are not visible in ESS.

  • New Hire Benefit Enrollments Location

    New Hire Benefit Enrollments are currently under the Life Events tab.  Could it be displayed on the Employees Home Page in ESS? 

  • Employees requesting time off over-drafting

    We are running Sage and ESS versions 10.7042 and have encountered an issue where employees automatically get approved to take time off when they do not have any time available. We have noticed this on at least 3 of our attendance plans

  • Menu option Titles

    The menu item descriptions get truncated if too long.  Solution would be to widen the view of the left menu options or wrap the text if longer than the space to fit on one line.

  • Menu option Titles

    The menu item descriptions get truncated if too long.  Solution would be to widen the view of the left menu options or wrap the text if longer than the space to fit on one line.

  • ESS Home Page Database Error

    We are getting a ESS database error when when a manager logs in and views the Home Page of ESS. The exact error is:

    Sage Employee Self Service was unable to find the necessary data.  This may be due to problems in the ESS database or an internal program…