Name fields (first and last name) appear to allow up to 39 Characters - Make these the same throughout the software

We use KnowledgeSync to create Alert emails etc. from queries made on our HRMS data.  I have noticed inconsistencies with the queried results when filters are placed on the Manager/Supervisor fields.  This seems to be due to a mismatch in the length of these fields as compared with the First and Last name fields in Demographics.  Demographics allow up to 39 characters for one's first and last name.  The manager/supervisor field only allow 25 characters.  In my particular query which filters on the name field under manager, the results are not accurate due to the data selection being unable to match to a valid name.  The actual name is 26 characters.  The manager name is truncated to 25 thereby causing the issue.  If I delete one letter from the name in Demographics, the query will reflect the appropriate data.