Direct Deposit Information Transferring from HRMS to Sage 100

I represent Helix Traffic Solutions, a company that recently purchased your Sage 100 payroll system, Sage HRMS and HR actions from your company. Right now, we are in need of a way for the Direct Deposit information to display in the HRMS system and then also transfer over to Sage 100. 

I'm pasting this screenshot in because currently, your editor and insert functions are not working properly.  But I digress.

On the Sage 100 Payroll Setup screen, we would like a tab that added to either input the employee's direct deposit information in the system or a tab that will read a form from HR Actions that will automatically update that information.  There  is a form we received when we purchases HR actions that allows the employee to update their Direct deposit information, but that information does not come over into HRMS. 

Our employees complete the form, and now we need it to feed into the HRMS, then the HRMS to feed into Sage 100.

Our Consultants at Delphia Consulting helped us create a custom form that allowed our federal and state W-4 withholding forms to be read by Sage 100. We are hoping something similar can be done to help us get Direct Deposit info into Sage100 and HRMS.