Under Review

Allow proper setup of garnishments in system so employees are not over deducted.

The garnishment laws should be built into the payroll software so the system will know when not to 'zero' out an employees check. There are Federal & State limits on how much a garnishment can take, as well as child support. I often have to watch the garnishment of those employees (which is cumbersome) to ensure the system has not over deducted thier wages.
  • Check with your business partner.  A master developer has already written an enhancement that can help with garnishments.  It takes into account state specific criteria for all types of garnishments, as well as the Consumer Credit Protection Act requirements.

  • Completely agree. I have employees with multiple IWOs and levies, I would love to be able to input them individually with withholding priorities, calculation rules, limits and goals. Actually, I'd like this sort of feature for most deduction codes.

  • I will agree.  I am new to the system and can't believe that this is not already configured.  Child Supports and garnishments are not new to payroll.  Every other system I have used, the system automatically calculates based on the state and federal regulations.  My team and I currently review each garnishment and child support deduction after each payroll to determine if an adjustment is needed.  This is very time consuming and has room for error.