Under Review

Allow employer benefits and employee deductions to be split in earnings distributions

Often the employer portion of benefits needs to be split to specific expense accounts, just like earnings are. Need the ability to split employer benefits and deductions in the Earnings Distribution by percentage screen as well as earnings.
  • I agree that this is necessary functionality, as we have employee who work in multiple departments and we can allocate the payroll/taxes, but not benefits.  This request has been under review for six years.  Any thought to modernizing the system?

  • This is an important and necessary request, because the current set-up is ineffective.  If an employee is split between to cost centers, the earnings and taxes split, but all of the benefit costs remain in the home entity, so an effective distribution does not occur.

  • For any government organization it is required that benefits are allocated in a similar manner as the earnings when an employee works in more than one program.  This is critical to us as an organization.  We simply can't use the feature until this is resolved.  Which is discouraging as a new customer.