• Error on SAGE HRMS

    any idea why i have these error on Sgae  HRMS and how can i resolve it.

    i am not very fmiliar with software and it is reported to my by some of my clients

  • The "Creating Local Data Caches" process is broken. Can we get it removed?

    Is this where we give suggestions for product changes?

    The "Creating Local Data Caches" process started pulling in the records from syaudit after the Q4 update and now runs twice. It builds, finishes and then rebuilds. For one company that has…

  • Sage ESS - Logon Maintenance Super Slow for Everyone?

    We just recently upgraded/activated ESS premium and now logon maintenance is VERY slow to open, for others?

  • General Ledger / Employee Department Assignment

    We had two employees switch departments this week. Open payroll was completed. We then had to go into the employee's pay tab to change the GL accounts that open payroll did not change (for example vacation and sick accruals remained in the employee's…

  • Error when trying to access Custom Details tab in HRMS

    When we try and access the custom details tab in the employee set up, we get a runtime error and are completely booted out of HRMS.  The error says DISPLAYWINDOWS line 437.  Command contains unrecognized phrase / keyword.  Error 36.  USE IN prpaycus.


  • New Hire - Payroll Tab

    My colleague and I just entered two new employees (separately) and both are having this issue. We both went through the new hire process with no issues. After finishing the process, we clicked on the payroll tab only to get a pop-up message that said…

  • User grayed out boxes in Sage HRMS

     I have a user that when logging into Sage HRMS, on occasions has screens with missing or grayed out boxes. The image to the left is one of those screens, but is not limited to that screen. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and what they…

  • No longer able to add employee photos. (Version 10.7037)

    After upgrading to Sage HRMS (Version 10.7037) we are no longer able to add employee photos. We do have a current support plan, and I'm trying to create a new ticket but it's not allowing me to select a plan. (I think it's because the current plan expires…

  • Sage HRMS (Version 10.7037) requiring local admin rights

    I can't be the only one who sees the applications need to run with local administrator credentials, a complete security flaw. We open the doors, for attackers to get personal employee information, and we make it super easy for our employees to help those…

  • HRMS Software

    Is there anyone in the Waycross, GA area using HRMS???

  • SAGE HRMS 2017 Large Client Speed and Functionality

    Good Afternoon,

    Our company currently runs Sage HRMS 2017 and we have all of the most current system requirements.  We continue to have system latency and report crashing issues along with other functionality issues.  We would like to talk to someone who…

  • HRMS 2017 Employee Attachments

    Is anyone using Employee Attachments in HRMS 2017?

    I am curious about how adding attachments affects system performance i.e. does it bog the system down? 

    When an attachment is added, is it embedded with a link to an external source, or does the file actually…

  • HRMS References

    Do any of you have knowledge of other medium size contractors currently using HRMS and their related products such as CyberTrain and CyberRecruit  etc.?  We have about 100+ non-union folks and a union workforce which can include up to 500 employees.  We…

  • Looking for Sage HRMS Customers with over 9000 employees

     We are looking to network with other Sage HRMS customers with over 9000 active employees. Want to understand what kind of processing times others are experiencing.