• Washington State Cares Contributions

    Will there be a HRMS tax code for Washington State Cares Contributions with the Q2 2023 HRMS updates?

  • Oregon Paid Family Leave HRMS Q4 2022 payroll tax update

    It looks like the latest payroll tax update for HRMS did not include Oregon Paid Family Leave. What is the recommendation for how it should be set up?

  • NACHA requirements for micro-entries

    Has anyone addressed the NACHA requirement for Micro-Entries on ACH Networks?  This is the use of "ACCTVERIFY" in Record 5 Position 54-63 for pre-noting and Company Name requirement?

  • Synchronize Pay History Process - error in HRMS

    New install of HRMS.  Client has been using Sage 300 ERP payroll for a number of years.  We recently rolled out HRMS and ESS.  We want the employees to be able to view their paystubs in ESS.  The configuration has been done in ESS regarding view pay history…

  • "Invalid input. Date 'xx/xx/2022' does not exist in Common Services' Fiscal Year Calendar"

    So you are ready to run your first payroll for 2022, all set to go and suddenly your payroll grinds to a stop with the following message: "Invalid input. Date 'xx/xx/2022' does not exist in Common Services' Fiscal Year Calendar". What does this mean?…

  • Sage HRMS Payroll - Manual Check for vacation Hours

    HELP!! Where do I find written instructions to run a manual check for an employee who wants to be paid out separate for vacation hours from his regular direct deposit for hours worked.  All our employees are paid via direct deposit so I have never done…

  • Processing time off error during payroll calc (no ESS)

    I read several instances where clients are getting this message and ESS seems to be the culprit.  We are a new client on HRMS, not yet set for ESS.  I just experienced this message during the PR calc but did not realize how much it affected time off balances…

  • Income tax for Daviess County in Indiana

    Does Sage HRMS have a special code that should be used for local income tax for Daviess County in Indiana? (similar to INSIT for state income tax)

  • Error during Open Payroll

    How do I fix this error that appeared during Open Payroll:
    Earning - Earning Code(E010), Distribution Code () does not exist in payroll. Check Employee Configuration and Payroll. I feel like I have looked at everything for this particular employee.

  • SAGE HRMS_Time Cut-off am facing some errors when i run the activity

    Hi all,

    i am new to SAGE HRMS, still trying to understand how to calculate employee time. so here is my thread, when i am trying to run Time cut-off, am facing some errors. like ..

    Legal working hours less than the theory". can any one help me on this…

  • Archive Terminated Employees


    I used "archive terminated employees".  it only archived some of them not all.  But when I tried to archive again.  The system was telling me "no more terminated employees to be deleted"  But they are under employee's finder with…

  • Error when processing time off request in ESS

    We are experiencing an issue processing time off requests in Sage HRMS 2017 and ESS 2017.  The message we receive is:

    Insert failed: Record already exists in table hattran: SELECT Count(1) FROM hattran WHERE a_company = 'GRN' AND a_empno = '3080' AND a_date…


    HI ALL ,


  • Open Payroll error

    Is there a list of error codes for HRMS 2017?  When my payroll person ran open payroll he receive error code 3.3574.0, there is no description of what occurred or what may need to be corrected.

  • Error when using graphic calendar when running payroll in HRMS

    My customer gets an error every time they try to use the graphical calendar in HRMS when running payroll to enter dates.

    Anyone seen this or know what causes it.

  • Payroll Outsourcing

    We are looking to outsource our payroll - any recommendations of companies that work well with Sage