• What encryption does Self Service use for passwords?


    We are working on integrating a full course/training application in our environment. To avoid having to create more passwords for our employees, we would like to integrate the existing Abra Self-Service tUSERS table with this system.

    I guess all…

  • Sage 300 CRE and Sage HRMS

    Can Sage HRMS be used with (intergrated) Sage300 CRE? We are looking for A software product that will intergrate with Sage 300 CRE and include timesheets and HR functions. Can you make recomendations?

  • Creating a Report with a Date Range

    I am needing to create a report/query that brings back the earning for RFT employees for a date range and I need the date range to be asked every time the report/query is run. 

    Any help on how to accomplish this?


  • Termination

    Whenever HR terminates an employee, this message comes up at the end.  Any Suggestions?  Thanks.

  • Rate Table for a savings plan

    I need to setup a rate table for a savings plan.  The company will match up to 5% of the employee contribution if the employee has been with the company less than seven years and will match up to 6% if the employee has been with the company seven years…

  • HR Actions and Approval Levels

    I have a question regarding approvals in HR Actions.

    We have a reporting structure as follows:


                    Supervisor          Manager              Director                Executive


    We want a 2 level approval where essentially a Manager and a Supervisor are treated the same.  IF either a manager…