• Sage Payroll Link AH71C

    Anyone have a link where I can download this version of the Payroll Link?  The only active link in the portal is for the most recent version which only works with Sage 300 v2020 and up.  My client has version 2019.  

    Thanks in advance


  • HRMS ESS web error


    I'm rebuilding our Sage stack to separate the webserver out and into a DMZ.  Installed per the guide but am getting the below error on the webpage;

    Invalid column name 'pk_syenter'.  How do I fix this?

  • Sage HRMS Disaster Recovery - anyone has experience setting up Sage HRMS DR server at a vendor DR Data Center in the cloud?

    Hello, we are trying to setup Sage HRMS at a DR data center with a vendor and go through an exercise simulating a Disaster Recovery scenario. We are wondering: whether:

    1. We have to start a fresh install on the DR server?

    2. or it is possible to restore…

  • Sage HRMS and ESS - TLS versions required

    Our client IT group is asking about versions of TLS that are required by HRMS and ESS.  They do not support TLS 1.1 or 1.2.

    What versions of TLS are supported by HRMS and ESS and what functions require TLS?  I suspect ESS and possibly email from within…

  • Error after installing Sage HRMS Client

    After installing the HRMS client, we got the following error:

    I can't find reference to this error anywhere in the KnowledgeBase articles. We have several client installs at this customer site and this is the first time we have received this error.…

  • Download products needed to upgrade from (Version 10.7026) to latest version Sage HRMS Q3 SR 2018 version 10.703708

    What products do I need to down to download to upgrade from (Version 10.7026) to latest version Sage HRMS Q3 SR 2018 version 10.703708 

  • Employee SelfService Download

    Can someone please send me the link to download the latest version of Employee Self Service?

    Is 2017 the latest version to Download?

  • Does anyone know a way to do a clean uninstall like the client was never installed?

    I have a problem where occasionally I have a client install corrupt.  Reinstalling doesn't fix it.  If I install it on a fresh pc all is fine.

    So, I'm looking for a way to completely wipe away any remnants of the Sage HRMS Client.

    Thank you in advance…

  • Can I install Sage HRMS 2016 as a server on Windows 10 Pro

    I'm trying to setup an installation of HRMS 2016 and SQL Server 2016 on my Windows 10 Pro system.  When installing HRMS 2016 it can't find the SQL Server install.  What am I missing?


  • Sage HRMS font DPI greater than 100% ?

    We are going through a process migrating from Abra 9.2 to Sage HRMS 2016 and we found that if the Windows DPI is higher than 100% there are screen elements that are not aligned properly and some text is not visible or view-able on screen.

    Does anyone…

  • Does HRMS 2014 work with Windows 10?

    I have Sage HRMS 2014 and I'm wondering if this software works with Windows 10?

  • Sage HRMS 2014 install issue

    Anybody else have this issue.

    Trying to install HRMS on a workstation.  The installation starts but then "rolls back" without giving any error message.  It is a Windows 7 workstation.

    Thanks in advance

  • Error 27506 Installing Sage HRMS

    I am trying to install Sage HRMS 2015 but it keeps giving me this error message:

    Error 27506. Error executing SQL Script functionsLive.sql. Line 1470. Must declare the scalar variable "@EmployherID". (137)

    Any idea how i can resolve that issue…

  • Conversion to HRMS

    Has anyone converted from CBIZ to Sage HRMS?  Can you let me know of your experience?  Was this simply, what amount of data did you convert, etc?




    I just installed Sage HRMS Server and client. One weird thing happened when I open the client and it ask me for log in. Most of the Sage products have default Admin username and password, but on HRMS i tried different options but it does not allow…