How do employees edit beneficiaries in ESS?


How do employees who need to edit (add or remove) a beneficiary in ESS without creating a Life Event?  

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    Hello Paula, 

    Thanks for reaching out. Within Sage ESS, you do have an option to change dependent and beneficiaries without having to do a life event. 

    You will need to confirm the Sage ESS Administrator has allowed the Dependent and Beneficiary or both to set to update. This will allow employees to make changes to the Dependents and Beneficiaries section. 

    To confirm, you have the Sage HR Admin Roles in Sage ESS, and you want to allow employees to access and update Dependents and Beneficiaries. Login to Sage ESS, select Administrator at the top right (For Sage ESS Premium Version). Click System Settings, select Employer Setup. Click Enterprise or your employer level if your company uses the Employer Level. On Page Setup, scroll down to Dependents and Beneficiaries, select Update. Click Save. Otherwise contact your Sage ESS Administrator to make additions or changes. 

    When the Dependents and Beneficiaries are setup to update, employees will have access to add dependent, beneficiary or both. Log into Sage ESS, select Benefits (for Sage ESS Premium Version). Click Dependent and Beneficiaries, click New to add new dependent, beneficiary, or both, and then Click Save. If a change needs to be done to an existing dependent or beneficiary, click the edit icon at the end of the row. 

    Note: If you are using the existing version of Sage ESS and your Sage ESS HR administrator allow access to add dependent, beneficiary or both. The employee will see the option upon login to Sage ESS, go to Personal, select Dependents/Beneficiaries. Click New to add new dependents or beneficiary or click Edit to update existing records.



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    Thank you for the information, but what I am trying to edit is the "Beneficiary Assignment".  A new beneficiaries Name and relationship was added but that is all that it allows the employee to do, you are not able to designate them as primary or contingent.  You can not delete one either.  Is there a way to allow the employees to do those things?  TIA

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    Hello Paula

    Sage ESS allow the employee to add new dependents and beneficiaries or change information on existing dependents and beneficiary but does not provide the employee ability to change or delete dependents, beneficiary or primary contingent. The employee must reach out to their HR Administrator to request these changes. The HR Admin can make the changes from the employee Benefits tab, select Dependents and Beneficiaries.