Segment Codes Disappear upon Open Payroll


After installing our Q1 2022 HRMS update, we ran Open Payroll this AM and our segment codes disappeared.  Is there a bug in the update? 

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    To my knowledge there is no issue with the product update.  When running open payroll, make sure to verify the list of changes are what you want prior to clicking Update.  If segment codes are listed to be changed and you are not expecting them to change, cancel out of Open payroll and verify in Employee Configuration that codes are linked correctly.  Setup > Payroll > Employee Configuration > Cost Center tab.  Click on the segment and down below will be the Segment and Sage HRMS Code.  Make sure these are correct.  If you do not use Cost Center overrides, verify the Earning and Deduction/Benefit tabs are linked correctly.  

    If Employee Configuration is correct, make sure the information in HR (where the information is being pulled from) is correct.  For example, if it is an Organization Code linked to a cost center, go to the employee's Current Job > Organization tab.  In payroll, verify the cost center information is correct on Employee Payroll > Cost Center tab and on the Pay tab.  

    You can also reach out to support and they can do a live connect and look at your data.

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    Thank you very much.  We actually ended up looking at EE config and fixing it that way.  

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