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Why in-house payroll offers tighter control, better access to information, and safer compliance than outsourced payroll | Part 2 of 6 |

Payroll is one of your organization s largest expenses, and payroll mistakes leave a bad impression with your employees. In this series, we explore the benefits of integrated, in-house payroll software. In this, part 2 of a six-part series, we highlight the values of choosing to do your payroll in-house.

Businesses that reject outsourcing cite several compelling reasons for choosing to process payroll in house instead. Some simply prefer to manage all HR-related activities in house. Some see higher costs with outsourcing, while others don’t want to lose control, and with information security/employee confidentiality of concern.

For small to midsized businesses, processing payroll in house can offer several important benefits, including:

  • Total control over payroll processing, including managing direct deposits, check printing, reporting, and forms, as well as payroll taxes.
  • Maximum flexibility over last-minute changes prior to a payroll run.
  • More accurate data through integration with internal HR, accounting, and timekeeping systems.
  • Fewer employee requests and questions through integration with self-service software that allows employees to access their own paycheck data easily.

Depending on the complexity of your payroll needs, it is likely that in-house payroll software can produce long-term savings over the cost of continual outsourcing fees. Payroll software also increases your control over employee data and the payroll process itself, so you can protect private information, including wage and salary details.

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